Saturday, March 22, 2014

Former Hulmites Now LCG Ministers

So Roderick C. Meredith has now appointed the two former Hulmite ministers to positions of authority within LCG, as reported by Banned by HWA. Oh what darkness these Hulmite ministers are placing themselves under working for LCG. I fear their bad example will cause others to follow them in their grievous error.

Here are some intriguing comments.

One commenter said this.
In the early 90's when I first went over to the Global C of G, they were placing ministers who had taught the new doctrines in power without apology or explanation. These men never seemed to change their new doctrinal opinions, just kept it more quiet to get a paycheck.
There was even a minister teaching that Christ was an African man with dread locks.
They could not care less who their ministry is.
It is so hard to find good information about the Global Church of God before the split in 1998. I find this quite an intriguing comment. Just shows how lackadaisical the ministry has been in practice.

Byker Bob also provides his perspective.
In a way, this makes sense. Iirc., Bummer Bob Thiel left LCG partially because Uncle Roddy included "the world's" Christians in his "great falling away" scenario. And, by Armstrong standards, that is a very liberal inclusion, indeed! Bad faux pas! If Sunday keeping believers in Jesus Christ are thus hypothetically included in the great falling away, then unlike David Pack, Uncle Roddy would most certainly consider any sabbath keeping ministers who believed in the Binity, kept the Old Covenant Holy days and dietary laws, and maintained the sanctity of British Israelism to be fully qualified pastors or teachers, righteous keepers of the flock.

It is either that, or at least some of the involved parties secretly know that the whole thing is a man-made KKK (krock ka krap), rendering micro doctrinal differences totally irrelevant as compared to the harvesting of the tithes. Actually, that is what I would tend to believe, if it were not for two of the names on the list. I just don't know how radically a person's soul print changes over 40 years, but there was a time when I would have sworn to the personal integrity and sincerity of those two, one of whom is or was Doug Winnail's brother-in-law. But, this is Armstrongism, and I have to remember that one of my favorite coworkers at AC Press grew up to stab his wife to death, and is now serving life for his crime. That suggests that, yes, indeed, a person's soul print can become corrupted.

It surely gets complicated. You'd think these guys were simply managers from a secular company who had been hired away from a competitor. Come to think of it, that's probably the closest we can come to the reality of it all.
 He later states:
Having now slept on this, it appears to be yet another sign of the end of Armstrongism. No growth, either in the membership, or the ministry. In an attempt to reverse this downward spiral, they will take anyone who knows and can preach the basic doctrinal pattern, and is familiar with the authority structure. At this point, the larger groups are more than aware that people, including ministers, often have personal opinions which can differ from official doctrine.

Nobody is going for the scary stricter groups who claim to be preservationists. This is due to the prevailing lack of empathy and cruelty which accompanies that, the unreasonable level of financial sacrifice required (and the oft corrupt stewardship of the income produced!), and the very pervasive suppression of freedom of thought. These groups have tried to foster an artificial sense of urgency amongst their membership by fanning the flames of British Israel-based prophecy, but clearly, nothing is happening in this realm other than the same old isolated incidents pulled from context and irrationally amplified as Armstrongism has always done.

"Class of '95" has now had about 20 years to process what they see as having happened to their church. At this point in time, it appears that the fierce preservationists have lapsed into obvious cartoonish cultic behavior, while most others have reached some level of equilibrium. And, there is finger pointing and name calling, with the fanatical cultists who have exaggerated Armstrongism branding those who have not as being Laodecean, but even this is dying down. This, amongst largely invisible groups whose numbers do not even approximate those of your average community based mega-church.
Also Connie Schmidt has a great comment comparing the turn over of ministers to members of a music band leaving and starting up their own band.

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  1. Not to impute motives, but in the business world, there are larger salaries and greater available opportunities for advancement when one works for a larger company or corporation. A neutral career adviser, not normally involved in matters of faith, would probably make note of the fact that LCG is larger than David Hulme's group.