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HWA's Other Romantic Relationship

Recently when reading David Robinson's book, Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web, I read him discussing that after the death of his first wife, Loma Armstrong, in 1967 and before HWA married Ramona Martin in 1977, he had had two romantic relationships. One with a Filipino woman, and another relationship with a woman referred to as Amy who was 25 years of age at the time of this relationship.
Then, he [HWA] told us about his romance with Amy, a church employee who I believe he said was 25 at the time. He said he had actually been in love with her, but maybe it had been infatuation. He mentioned several incidents of his relationship with Amy, but never mentioned a young Filipino lady whom he reportedly brought over to the U.S. earlier. (Chapter 6, p. 67.)
Herbert Armstrong has been "in love" a number of times during the past decade. He said himself he had been "in love" with "Amy" when she was 25 years old. He reported this to a group in Big Sandy. he did say, when it was over, that he thought it might have been infatuation. (Chapter 7, p. 88.)
What I did not know at the time was that this woman was later revealed to be one Amy Bowman. This is made clear in the pages of the Ambassador Report.

Her name first appears as one of many persons who had resigned from the editorial staff of WCG. Her name appears in the list of the executive exodus from WCG in both issue 1 and issue 2.

But it was during the proceedings of HWA's divorce from Ramona Martin that the identity of Amy Bowman in this matter was first revealed, as is seen in Ambassador Report 26, October 1983
HWA is discovering just how expensive a divorce can be. It can also be a very nasty business. For instance, notice this line of questioning at one HWA deposition: ...
Q Do you recall, sir, when we talked about Amy Bowman before? Do you remember we talked about Amy Bowman who was a secretary to your secretary at some time before 19 -

A [HWA] She was an assistant to my secretary.

Q Do you remember, sir, I asked you if you had a romantic relationship with Amy Bowman?

MR. BROWNE [HWA's lawyer]: Object to the question...
Her name is again mentioned in a list of various persons Ramona Martin's lawyers hoped to summon as part of the divorce case.
A look at the list of witnesses Ramona's lawyers hope to have testify hints at the nature of the forthcoming trial. Along with various WCG officials, accountants, and bank officers are these probable witnesses: Jack Kessler, John Kenniston, Henry Cornwall, Rona Martin, Stanley Rader, David Dahlgran, Nikki Rader, Dr. Floyd Lochner, Melvin Olinger, Myrtle Horn, Dorothy Mattson, David Robinson, Jim Johnson, Layla Upton, Amy Bowman, Helen Styles, Ilene McManis, Virginia Kenniston, Jerry Wylie, Ken Hopke, Bill Stacey, Dorothy Moore, Wes White, Hillel Chodos, and Judge Weisman. Some of those listed have already thought it wise to obtain legal representation.
She is mentioned again in Ambassador Report 27, April 1984.

In court one of Ramona Martin's lawyers try to question HWA about this whether HWA had mentioned to David Robinson that he had a romantic relationship with Amy Bowman. HWA denies that any such romantic relationship occurred and even insists he had forgotten her name.
Q Do you recall telling Mr. David Robinson in May of 1974, at Big Sandy, that you had been having a romance with Amy, a church employee, that you believed to be approximately 25 years old at that time?
MR. BROWNE [HWA's lawyer]: Object to the question as being irrelevant and immaterial, instruct the witness not to answer it. What's the relevancy, counsel?
Q (By Mr. Deckter) Do you accept that instruction?
A [HWA] On the advice of my counsel I won't answer. Some of these things I would like to answer, but I know your legal, well, methods. And I think you know my opinion of them. I don't approve of such methods at all .... there was no romantic relationship whatsoever, but there was sort of a grandfather and granddaughter affection, nothing more, and nothing more ever happened.
MR. DECKTER: That is not the question that was submitted to the witness.
MR. BROWNE: I will object to the question, that it's irrelevant and immaterial.
THE WITNESS [HWA]: The whole question is designed to put me in a wrong light, and it is not true.
MR. BROWNE: State your question, Mr. Deckter. Go on, what's the question?
THE WITNESS: The whole thing is an attempt to defame me.
MR. BROWNE: I understand that.
THE WITNESS: And defame my character, and it is not true. There was never anything in any manner, shape or form wrong. The relationship with this Amy Bowman. I had even forgotten her name.
MR. BROWNE: All right.
Q (By Mr. Deckter) The question is, sir, isn't it true that in May of '74, at Big Sandy, you had a conversation with Mr. David Robinson and during the course of that conversation you discussed your romance and romantic relationship with Amy Bowman, a person who you believed to be 25 years old at that time?
MR. BROWNE: Object to the question, that it's irrelevant and immaterial. But you may answer it. Did you tell that to Mr. Robinson?
THE WITNESS: I don't remember the conversation at all, but there never was any romantic relationship with Amy Bowman.
What did Amy Bowman have to say about all this?
HWA may not remember the conversation, but David Robinson certainly does. A detailed account appears on page 67 of his book. As for Ms. Bowman, she has stated that HWA tried to fondle her breasts, but that she objected. Soon afterward she was transferred from being one of his secretaries to a position in the editorial department.
That is what HWA did? What a disgusting man! HWA thinks woman should just be treated like that? What sort of godly conduct is this, he who so loved to lambast mainstream society for its failings but seems to be utterly morally depraved himself. 

Now indeed it must be said that Amy Bowman was listed as being a part of the editorial department when she was listed as having resigned, as mentioned above. 

So now we see another curious fact of HWA's far from ideal personal life being revealed again. Once again we see HWA was far from a paragon of virtue, as he so loved to claim.

Before this ends I would like to say that I hope Amy Bowman is well and happy and is having a prosperous life.

You can access Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web from Exit and Support Network. Just email them and request it.

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  1. Involved with a Filipino woman, eh? I guess the rule forbidding interracial romance was yet another rule that HWA was an exception to.