Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Will LCG Schism Again?

There has been speculation that LCG will soon once again split apart. Banned by HWA has highlighted a remarkable comment hinting at tensions laying beneath the surface amongst LCG's ministers.
Rumor is that the three Hulme elders who defected to LCG are already reconsidering their decision, in light of the fact that several prominent LCG elders will soon be announcing their move to another Church of God group (not Thiel's group, and not RCG).
Since the death of Sheryl Meredith, a new wave of discontent has rocked LCG. For years, conservatives in LCG were told privately that Sheryl was the behind-the-scenes cause of many of Rod Meredith's liberal or nepotistic decisions. Now, with Sheryl out of the picture, people are realizing that the problem has been old Rod all along.
Rod is a liar.
Rod will lie to protect his family.
Rod will back other liars who defend him and make him look good.
Rod will soon have a much smaller church to give to his children.
It is good that these ex-Hulmite ministers appear to be reconsidering joining LCG. Whatever their motivation I believe it is good that they get out of LCG.

This is the second time it has been stated that Sheryl Meredith's death has caused dissatisfaction among LCG's lay members. I never anticipated that her death could lead to that.

Judging by the tone of this comment it seems as though the latent hostility seems to feel that Meredith is too "liberal" in regards to some of HWA's teachings. It may be helpful to recall that during the turmoil of 2005-6 (then largely incited by RCG's Dave Pack) several LCG ministers left claiming Meredith was too liberal and criticizing him for allowing women to wear makeup and not teaching that HWA was the end time Elijah.

I find sad to see that some in LCG chose to blame Sheryl Meredith when they were dissatisfied at Meredith's alleged "liberalism" and alleged nepotism. It is sad they blinded themselves to Roderick C. Meredith's role in these matters.

It would surprise few if LCG split apart again. It now appears this may happen even before Roderick C. Meredith's death.

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