Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web Now Available Online

David Robinson's famous book, Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web, is now available to be read online for the first time in flip book format, thanks to AmbassadorReports.com. (Hat tip: Banned by HWA.)

Although for a few years now it could be read upon request from Exit and Support Network (that's how I got to read it) this is the first time the entire book is now made available to be read online.

It is a most stunning book. If you believe HWA was a man sent by God, even if you had moved on from Armstrongism years ago already, you need to read this book.

I have already made a few posts regarding David Robinson and his book Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web.

It, among many other things, reveals the remarkable hold over HWA that Rader had at this time. Somehow that later came to an end in 1981 after this book's publication. As far as I know only the Ambassador Report provides any details regarding the fall of Rader. If they is any other source I am at present unaware of them.

One thing I remember about it that I had not posted already is how it detailed that some construction workers were laid off once they had finished constructing a Feast of Tabernacles site.

Also the conversation between David Robinson and HWA in the second to last chapter is absolutely astounding and breath taking. HWA was living in a bizarre fantasy world after having been sheltered in a cocoon of wealth and privileged for many years. A quick summary simply fails to do justice to that remarkable encounter. You just need to read it. Those who read will see just how absurd it is to rely on this extremely privileged and rich man to make your life better.

No doubt many of the movers and shakers within WCG made sure to read this book, if only to make sure they got a better idea of what was really going on. Why not join their privileged in this one matter of reading this book? 

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