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Overview of the November-December 2007 Philadelphia Trumpet

As noted in a previous post PCG's circulation of The Philadelphia Trumpet since 2003 has been largely stagnant. In November 2003 it was 313,400. In the latest August 2014 issue it was 319,798. A rise of only two percent.

But this does not tell the whole story. For whatever reason it underwent a huge rise in circulation in late 2007 till early 2008, reaching a peak of 458,700 with the November-December 2007 issue. However the circulation quickly collapsed to below 300,000 starting with the March 2008 issue and it only broke the 300,000 range again with the January 2011 issue.

Because of PCG's secretiveness it is at present impossible to know with certainty why this sudden rise and fall in circulation occurred. But we can take a look at the issue that apparently enjoyed the recruitment magazine's greatest distribution, its November-December 2007 issue which enjoyed a circulation of 458,700. You can read the issue on their website.

Gerald Flurry has a preface article saying we are close to Armageddon. This time he cites an Israeli air strike against a Syrian warehouse that was widely suspected to be some sort of attempt to create nuclear power by the Syrian regime.

Robert Morley has an article about the financial crisis caused by the collapse of American sub-prime mortgages and the fall of Northern Rock bank in Britain. Lehman Brothers had not fallen yet.

Ron Fraser has a little article saying that China and Europe are investing in Africa and fear mongering that this is a sign that they are on track to destroy America and Britain in just a few years' time.

Ron Fraser also has an article fear mongering that famine is just around the corner and current day trends will make such a famine certain.

Phillip Nice has an article extolling the positive role of fathers in rearing up children.

Joel Hilliker has a little side article calling upon people to strive for a good family as though you were striving for a job.

Stephen Flurry has an article wondering if Benyamin Netanyahu will be able to save the State of Israel. He also insinuates that his father prophesied that Netanyahu would return to power.What nonsense! Gerald Flurry and his collaborators write a lot of things. It is inevitable that they will end up saying something that could look prophetic to one wishing to see things.

Worldwatch has several articles. One mentioned that Allen Greenspan said the Euro could replace the US dollar. Just a few years later several Eurozone states (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus) would be forced to request bailout funds from the EU and the IMF because of a severe financial crisis caused partly by these states being in the Eurozone. PCG did not foresee the Euro causing these Eurozone members to beg for a bailout. PCG did not see that coming.

Another Worldwatch article mentions that Gaddafi's Libya was elected to be a temporary member of the UN Security Council for two years. The article fear mongers that it is dangerous to allow a state of such ill repute to such a position of responsibility. PCG did not anticipate that in just a few years the Libyan people would rise up and overthrow Gaddafi. Despite the vast arms he had Gaddafi could not save himself from the wrath of the people he had oppressed for so long. PCG did not see that coming.

Joel Hilliker has an article about Turkey rising to greater prominence (and that this should scare us). PCG teaches that Turkey is the modern continuation of the Biblical nation of Edom and PCG prophesies that Turkey will somehow betray the State of Israel during end time events only to be completely exterminated by (PCG's) God's wrath. This doctrine is inherited from HWA's WCG and ultimately British Israelism. (The fact that Turkish is a language completely unrelated to Hebrew, the language of their supposed relations, does not seem to have any meaning to PCG's leaders.)

Brad MacDonald has an article about Japan, saying it is drifting away from America's influence (and that this should scare us).

Stephen Flurry also has an excerpt of his deeply flawed book, Raising the Ruins, specifically Part 2 of Chapter 12, which details the vast wealth HWA's WCG had gathered up for itself after decades of alarmist predictions the end was just around the corner and all these assets fell into Tkach's lap after being appointed HWA's successor. Tkach got all this because HWA had preached so forcefully that one man rule was (HWA's) God's way to govern WCG.

Joel Hilliker also has an article about Russia saying that under Putin's influence it is drifting towards authoritarianism. That's rich coming from a religious organization the leader of which preaches one man rule must be enforced upon PCG, as may be seen in Gerald Flurry's booklets, Isaiah's End Time Vision and From the Beginning.

Ron Fraser also has a little commentary article that says the American, British and Australian societies are doomed because we have been "brainwashed" by "leftists". By "leftists" he seems to mean anything he does not like (which includes interracial marriage, as may be seen in a booklet of Ron Fraser's). Here is some of his vitriol against (apparently) everything he does not like, which is a lot.
We now live out the legacy of the Marxist-Leninist theoreticians’ takeover of education in the ’60s, its flower-power results of the ’70s, the corporate greed backlash of the ’80s, and the self-fulfillment rush of the ’90s. Today we see the high penalty we must pay for satiating our senses at any price: the accelerating meltdown of the whole post-war system! Read the signs: The consumer society is simply doomed!
Ron Fraser, alas, you are now deceased so I cannot say this to you directly but I must state here the following: Ron Fraser, You do not know what you are talking about.

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