Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Overview of the August 2009 Philadelphia Trumpet

As noted in a previous post after The Philadelphia Trumpet's had a brief rise in circulation back in late 2007 to early 2008. However its circulation numbers quickly collapsed below 300,000, worse then its circulation back in 2003 and it was not until the January 2011 issue that it finally restored its circulation over the 300,000 range.

Because of PCG's secretiveness it is at present impossible to know exactly why this slump in circulation took place. But we can look for ourselves at the Philadelphia Trumpet issue with the distinction of having the lowest circulation since 2003, namely the August 2009 issue, which had a circulation of 252,067. You can read this issue on their website.

Gerald Flurry has a preface article about President Obama's speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009.

Stephen Flurry has an article about five "prophecies" to watch.

Brad MacDonald has an article insisting that a two state solution within the territory now controlled by the State of Israel will never work.

Brad MacDonald also has a side article complaining that Palestinian Arabs are living in Silwan, a region of Jerusalem, in which Israeli authorities wish to build an archeological park because of ancient Jewish ruins located there.

Joel Hilliker has a side article praising some of the archeological finds by Dr. Eilat Mazar, which is partly sponsored by PCG through their unaccredited college.

Robert Morley has an article mocking evolution, specifically over excitement regarding a fossil called Ida.

Joel Hilliker also has an article praising land reclamation projects in Kenya.

Brad MacDonald has an article insisting that China will not stop North Korea.

Joel Hilliker also has a side article noting that North Korea's nuclear detonation occurred on May 25, Memorial Day.

Richard Palmer (he who later belittled the Srebrenica massacre as "a crime of passion") has an article condemning various expenses related scandals in Britain regarding frivolous spending of tax payer money by British MPs.

Worldwatch have several articles but there is nothing worth discussing here.

Ron Fraser has an article noting that Germany was about to have federal elections at the time this issue was published.

Stephen Flurry has an article demonizing Pope Benedict XVI for supposedly not being sufficiently apologetic regarding the atrocities during World War II. PCG demonized Pope Benedict XVI for so long. They did not foresee that he would become the first Pope in centuries to resign.

Ron Fraser also has a little article fear mongering that the EU is being nasty by imposing fines on some American companies. This is a sign that the EU is just a few steps away from destroying America and Britain.

Robert Morley has an article claiming China and Japan are moving away from using the US dollar in their financial transactions.

Stephen Flurry also has an except of his deeply flawed book, Raising the Ruins, namely Part 2 of Chapter 25, which details how PCG has been building up their Headquarters property since acquiring this land in 2000. These events are portrayed as events blessed by God and even foretold in various Old Testament books. What nonsense!

Brad MacDonald also has an article fear mongering that Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II was snubbed at the D-Day commemoration for 2009. No, in reality it is not a sign that the end of the age is coming.

Ron Fraser also has a little commentary insisting that it is madness to apply laws upon the conduct of soldiers in a conflict situation.

And so this overview comes to an end.

But there is one other thing to mention regarding the July 2009 issue, the one published immediately before this issue. That issue contained a cover which said that Christ would return "probably within a decade". That issue also had a rather low circulation of 255,280. Seeing how The Philadelphia Trumpet was in a sub-300,000 issue slump at the time it would now seem that Gerald Flurry's proclamation that Christ would return "probably within a decade" was really a desperate attempt to keep magazine circulation numbers up after its spectacular decline since early 2008.

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