Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tomorrow's World: The Novel

Those who us involved or who used to be involved in Armstrongism has likely read or at least heard about LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World. This was also the name for a short lived magazine produced by HWA's WCG in 1969-72.

Coincidentally there is for sale a novel entitled Tomorrow's World, authored by Davie Henderson. This novel was published on March 1, 2008.

It appears to be a sci-fi mystery novel. Here is part of its description.
In a world on the verge of environmental catastrophe, supercomputers have determined that the only way to sustain life is to run communities logically by rationing every resource and monitoring every action to make sure it is in accordance with the Common Good. Amidst a division between Names (naturally born people) and Numbers (those created through genetical engineering), detective Ben Travis and his Number partner Paula are on the case of a murdered plant prospector. ...
This novel does appear to be related to Armstrongism.

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