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Reading PCG's Booklet, "We Have Had Our Last Chance"

Let us now read Gerald Flurry's booklet, "We Have Had Our Last Chance". Here Flurry condemns President Roosevelt for abandoning the Philippines to be conquered by the Japanese in late 1941-early 1942. In contrast Flurry praises General MacArthur as a strong and righteous leader. It is insinuated that America cannot produce leaders of such greatness and moral nobility as MacArthur therefore the US is doomed to soon be conquered and enslaved by the Germans. This booklet was first published in 1999. It was later reprinted in 2002, 2007 and 2013. For this post I am reading through the 2002 version. You can read the current version of this booklet on their website.

Chapter 1

This chapter is based on Gerald Flurry's article in the December 1998 Philadelphia Trumpet, Did America Betray MacArthur and the Filipinos?

In this chapter Flurry states that President Roosevelt deceived the Filipinos and General MacArthur into believing that America would soon send substantial aid to the Philippines in order to repulse the Japanese invasion. Acting on this promise the people of the Philippines resisted the Japanese invaders but all the time President Roosevelt had given up on fighting there. If this assertion is true it is very sad and tragic and horrifying, but the real purpose of this reading to see what Flurry is saying here in this booklet.

We now begin.
Ten hours after Pearl Harbor was attacked, Japan began warring against the Philippines, undoubtedly because they were a U.S. possession. After this attack, America began one of the cruelest deceptions in World War II, deceiving the Filipinos, MacArthur and its own American troops.

It is abundantly documented that President Franklin Roosevelt led the Filipinos to believe that America was quickly coming to their aid. What’s more, Roosevelt CONTINUED to deceive General MacArthur, the Filipinos and American soldiers FOR MONTHS—WHILE THEY WERE BEING SLAUGHTERED! (p. 1.)
Flurry then proceeds to quote Courtney Whitney's biography of MacArthur saying that Roosevelt said that America would send plenty of aid to aid the Filipino peoples' resistance against the Japanese invaders (pp. 2-4).

Then Flurry mentions that MacArthur, encouraged by President Roosevelt's words, launched a stunning military maneuver that took the Japanese invaders by surprise (pp. 4-5).  

But as time went on and the aid from America failed to materialize President Quezon sent word asking for the aid to come in order to sustain the people's resistance. President Roosevelt said that ships were coming but actually he and Secretary of War Stimson had written off the Philippines as a lost cause (pp. 5-6). At this point Flurry begins to quote from William Manchester's biography of General MacArthur, American Caesar.

It is intriguing that Flurry always speaks of MacArthur in an admiring and reverent manner, yet Manchester's biography appears to show General MacArthur's flaws as well. Manchester was determined to discuss his flaws as well as his great strengths.

After this Flurry states that General MacArthur noted that many Filipinos were bitterly resentful towards the United States. Flurry then asserts that the U.S. could have sent aid to the Philippines, citing the U.S. sending aid to the Soviet Union despite the great hazard caused by German U-boats.
Some people have said it would have been too hard for the U.S. to get supplies through the Japanese lines. But at the same time, we were sending many supplies to Stalin’s Soviet Union to aid him against Hitler, and up to 80 percent of those ships, loaded with supplies,were destroyed by the Germans. (p. 6.)
Flurry then condemns that the fact that aid was sent to the Soviet Union at such great cost while the Philippines were abandoned. Flurry claims that this is part of a trend, present even today, of helping enemies and neglecting friends. Flurry claims this will cause America to utterly hated.
So we helped this evil empire, but couldn’t help the peace-loving Filipinos, who were almost like one of our own states! Such treacherous policies have caused America to be one of the most hated nations in the world.

Because of weakness, America continues to treat our friends this way today. For example, we have pressured Israel to return all its territory conquered since 1967. Yet we make almost no demands on the radical Islamic movement or the unfriendly Arabs. (p. 7.)
Would the Palestinians view the situation that way? It is now fifteen years since this booklet was published. This booklet is still being distributed by PCG. How can PCG's leaders continue to complain that the U.S. is being too strict with the State of Israel?
Thankfully, about two years later, General MacArthur was able to redeem some of America’s honor. But the Filipinos’ faith in America had been tarnished beyond repair.

Did politics influence America’s decision to stay out of the Philippines? MacArthur, like Eisenhower, could have become a political force for the opposing party.Whatever the reasons, it is one of the ugliest chapters in our military history. It revealed a deadly weakness that continues in America today. (p. 7.)
So according to Flurry "the Filipinos’ faith in America had been tarnished beyond repair."

After this Flurry insists that America helps its enemies and neglects its friends, citing the overthrow of the Shah of Iran in 1979.
We are fast losing our WORLD DOMINANCE. That is mainly because WE NO LONGER HAVE A WORLD OVERVIEW. That is why we often work against our friendly allies, like in 1979 with the Shah of Iran. The U.S. helped force him from power. His departure opened the door to the radical Islamic movement all over the world—led by Iran.

That force alone has greatly destabilized the world. It is the major cause of a violent and unstable Middle East! And it is directly tied to America’s weakness. (p. 7.)
What on earth does Flurry mean when he writes of a world overview?

After this Flurry continues to say that America and Britain can no longer produce great leaders and even says leaders like MacArthur and Churchill were often ignored and dismissed in their time (pp. 7-8). Flurry then quotes Whitney saying that MacArthur had to work with little help from those above him to make the Philippines defensible. This quote happens to state that "the Philippines were to be separated from the sovereign protection of the U.S. on July 4, 1946." (p. 8.) This alludes to the fact that even before the Japanese occupation the Filipinos were striving to gain independence.

After this Flurry says that the U.S. should have intervened in World War II sooner. Flurry then proceeds to say that America has won its last war.
World War II was the last war that America won, and WE WILL NEVER WIN ANOTHER, because of our blatant rebellion against God!

We didn’t win in Korea, Vietnam or the Persian Gulf. (If we defeated Saddam Hussein, why is he still such a terror in the Middle East?) (p. 9.)
That last sentence regarding Saddam Hussein has since been deleted in the current version of this booklet.

Then Flurry goes onto to say that America and Britain are unable to produce great leaders now because of their sins against (PCG's) God.
We should notice carefully that GOD SAID HE WOULD TAKE AWAY THE STRONG LEADERS AND OUR FOOD AND WATER in the same time period! You and I should deeply ponder this end-time prophecy. Why would God do such a thing? Because our sins revolve around the destruction of the family—a God-plane relationship.

We have upside-down families. Women lead and children oppress. GOD HATES MOST OF ALL WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO THE FAMILY! ...

Did you ever consider that God would take away our food and water because of our family sins? God condemns us because we are failing to produce great leaders. That is a cardinal sin! (p. 10.)
Because America and Britain cannot produce such leaders we are doomed, according to Flurry.
There is cause and effect, but our leaders today refuse to see the truth. WITHOUT STRONG LEADERS, NATIONS DIE! (p. 11.)
Flurry then proceeds to complain that America continues to neglect allies citing more recent behavior (c. 1999) concerning China and Taiwan.
Now the Chinese are isolating free Taiwan before the whole world, and America is shamefully going along. At the same time, the Chinese are helping our major enemies develop conventional and nuclear power. America does little or nothing to stop such abuse of the world’s freedom! It also appears that we have given China our most sophisticated missile technology unlawfully. THESE DISASTROUS POLICIES FLOW FROM OUR BROKEN WILL AND TRAGIC NATIONAL WEAKNESS. (p. 11.)
Fifteen years later Taiwan is still quite independent of China, much to Beijing's chagrin. Although most nations no longer recognize Taiwan in order to have full diplomatic relations with China Taiwan still seems quite secure at the moment. How can the U.S.'s relations with Taiwan be categorized as "DISASTROUS" as he does here?

After that Flurry states how General MacArthur was relocated to Australia and from there he eventually returned to liberate the Philippines. General MacArthur's example is praised as great and glorious while modern day leaders are condemned as immoral and deficient heirs. 

Chapter 2

This chapter is based on Gerald Flurry's "from the editor" article in the December 1998 Philadelphia Trumpet, "We Have Had Our Last Chance".

In this chapter Flurry mentions how World War II finally ended with the Japanese surrender. Flurry then cites General MacArthur's speech given at the signing of the surrender. This speech is used by Flurry to assert that only by fostering positive character is it possible to prevent humanity from being destroyed in nuclear war. (But actually Flurry teaches this is impossible and the only way to save yourself from nuclear destruction is to pay PCG three tithes and extra offerings to get to a place of safety.)
As General MacArthur said, our problem is “theological,” or spiritual. Adressing [sic] this problem is the only way we can save humanity alive! It all depends on our getting to know and obey God.

Our only hope is building “human character”—changing man’s evil nature into God’s righteous character (Matt. 5:48). Even most religious people fail to do that. They too are a part of the problem (Rev. 12:9). (p. 14.)
After this Flurry quotes at length a broadcast by HWA from 1945 saying that the United Nations will fail to prevent a third world war and the world is doomed (pp. 14-15).

No mention is made of the fact that during World War II HWA taught that Hitler was the man who would unify Europe into destroying America and Britain. (Originally HWA said it was Mussolini who would do this.) HWA confidently predicted that Hitler would triumph against Britain and America. Only the returning Christ would defeat Hitler. Of course this false prophecy failed spectacularly. In fact HWA actually taught (incorrectly) that Hitler had survived and was waiting underground to revive a unified Europe. But one would never know of such things reading this booklet.

Flurry ends this booklet with these words, insisting that total destruction is sure to come, yet saying there is a way of escape.
General MacArthur was right—“we have had our last chance”! And we have refused to deal with the cause. The indescribable nightmare is about to explode!

Whether we listen or not, God’s purpose is being worked out. Those who heed God’s Word are promised protection from a nuclear holocaust.

Will that include you? (p. 15.)
Flurry does not mention this here but he teaches that if one joins PCG and pay three tithes and extra offerings to PCG then he or she will go to a place of safety (often said in Armstrongism to be Petra, Jordan). All others are doomed to endure the Great Tribulation. Because of advantageous teachings PCG enjoys a multimillion dollar annual income.

As early as 1995 Flurry was boasting that PCG had an annual income in "the multiple millions." (Gerald Flurry, The Little Book, 1995, p. 7.) Also PCG gained $19.5 million in 2012. However this is a decline from PCG's annual income in 2010, which was $20.5 million.

And so the booklet ends.

My main thought about this booklet is: why? Why did Flurry feel compelled to write this booklet? It first appeared as articles in The Philadelphia Trumpet. Why did he decide to turn this into a booklet?

Flurry's condemnation of President Roosevelt (which seems perfectly justified if accurate) makes me wonder why Flurry would devote a booklet to condemning President Roosevelt. Is Flurry trying to alienate PCG members from the political left by condemning President Roosevelt?

Also I cannot help but wonder if this booklet was written for Filipino PCG members. Of course I have no way of being able to prove this one way or the other.

I come away from this booklet wondering why Flurry did decide to make a booklet like this?

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  1. Mad Magazine insists that MacArthur was misquoted and gave the complete quote, "I did not have time to give this library book back to the library, I shall return it when I get back....

    As for the booklet, let us dispel all doubts by giving it the real name it should have had:

    'We have had our last chance -- really! Again!

    And Herbert Armstrong insisted the United States would lose World War II in 1943. I mean, really, what's the point of returning if your country falls to the Germans?

    Gerald Flurry.