Friday, September 25, 2015

How Does PCG View Pope Francis?

Recently Pope Francis said he was not a leftist as some have portrayed him.

And how do PCG view Pope Francis?

They present the idea that he is a Marxist.
Such calls, especially the ones condemning Reagan-style “trickle-down” economics, have many free-market advocates up in arms. ... Such criticism does not seem to upset Pope Francis. ... So, Pope Francis is adamantly opposed to free-market capitalism, and he denies being a Marxist. What does this make him? (Andrew Müller, Pope Francis: Marxist or Catholic Corporatist?, December 25, 2013.)  
PCG seems to think Pope Francis is trying to engineer the return of feudalism.
Really, this Catholic corporatist system is just feudalism for the industrial age. Unlike free-market capitalism, this system does not allow private individuals to establish businesses outside of society’s established hierarchy. Pope Leo’s exhortation purports to defend the poor, but errs in denying the realities of human nature.
Just like Marxist socialism, Catholic corporatism presumes the reliability of a “benevolent” and “compassionate” elite. However, 1,200 years of medieval history prove that Catholic bishops are no less vulnerable to the corrupting temptations of power than were Lenin’s central planning engineers.
PCG seems to think Pope Francis is totalitarian.
History teaches us that all forms of human totalitarianism fail—whether communist, socialist, fascist or Catholic corporatist. Both Pope Leo and Pope Francis have been astonishingly overconfident in their assertion that the Catholic Church possesses a power to bring men to act selflessly in the service of others.
Note how Müller talks "human totalitarianism". This is PCG jargon. Does this mean totalitarianism is good if it is imposed by persons claiming to be acting on God's orders?

The article also contains this statement.
It is a Christian principle to care about the poor. However, when a humanly run state steps in to force people to do their Christian duty, things end badly.
So PCG seems to think it is wrong for a government to force people to do things they do not want so then why does PCG so often do the same thing. Such as ordering members to shun family members and friends?

Also note the loaded term "humanly run state". This is PCG jargon designed to vilify all human society outside of PCG as being cut off from PCG's God. It implies that all of humanity is cut off from PCG's God and it is not possible to make contact with PCG's God in any way except through PCG.

There is a difference between the "God" PCG promotes and the God spoken of by all Christians and even among the other Armstrongites. PCG's God is a God that provides favor and blessings to PCG members alone. PCG's God is different from what Christians speak of when talking of God. But because PCG uses the same word, namely God, it may seem they are talking about the same deity when PCG are not.

It is strange that PCG feels the need to throw every negative label they can against Pope Francis. Can't they just say "he's Catholic and we're not" and leave it at that?

Considering PCG even says that President Obama is "another Antiochus" and hence an Antichrist like figure it is no wonder that they are willing to say such extreme things.

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