Thursday, September 3, 2015

US Senate Secures Agreement with Iran

Senator Mikulski has endorsed the agreement with Iran thus insuring that the agreement cannot be overturned.

It is good that this agreement's passage through the US legislature has been secured. Without an agreement there were no rules regarding relations between the United States and Iran. Now that there is an agreement Iran's nuclear program can be verified by observers independently of Iran.

And furthermore PCG will not be pleased at this. For so long PCG has demonized Iran and presented Iran as a fearsome adversary of the United States. But the United States has persuaded, in soft ways and harsh ways, this fearsome adversary to an agreement that lets independent observers verify the activities of Iran's nuclear program.

Did PCG ever say the United States might make an agreement with Iran that would allow independent observers to monitor Iran's nuclear program?

Did PCG foresee such a thing?

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