Saturday, September 5, 2015

PCG's False Prophecy About Hamas

So PCG has been saying that Hamas has fulfilled (PCG's interpretation of) Bible prophecy. PCG has presented this idea yet again in a broadcast of The Trumpet Daily entitled "Hamas Terrorist Group Fulfills Bible Prophecy" (July 31, 2015). It is hosted by Brad MacDonald.

Let us hear what PCG has to say on this topic.

Listening to this I now know that MacDonald likes to repeat himself while talking.

Teases the listener saying that one piece of news has slipped by the media because of other major news stories. Including, he mockingly states, the slaughter of Cecil the lion.

Mentions Greece. Says that crisis is not going to go away.

At 3 minutes begins to bring up his main topic. Says it is not quite so dramatic as the crisis in Greece.

Presents Hamas as proxy of Iran. Thus Hamas is used to fear monger about Iran. States Hamas and Iran have been closely allied. Claims it is deteriorating.

Cites September 2012 article by Gerald Flurry. (7 minutes.)

Says it is remarkable that Flurry should cite Psalms as a prophecy saying it is not widely known as a prophetic work.

What the uninformed listener will not know is that Armstrongism has often cited Psalms 83 as a prophecy to fear monger about Germany, Arabs and (in PCG's case) Iran.

But in 2011 Gerald Flurry unveiled a "new revelation" proclaiming that Psalms 83 was not talking about the King of the South, rather it describes a separate Arab alliance of nations that is fated to align itself with the German dominated European Empire against Iran, the supposed King of the South. This alliance is called the Psalm 83 nations.

As part of this (false) prophecy, Flurry has proclaimed that Hamas and Iran will split apart and Hamas will join the Psalm 83 nations against Iran. As seen in a previous post PCG has been making this prediction since at least 2012.

We now continue with MacDonald's broadcast.

MacDonald claims that Hezbollah will, like Hamas, also split from Iran and join the Psalm 83 nations. (8 minutes.)
The Philistines, or the Palestinians of Gaza, and even those in the West Bank are going to shift their alliance to Germany as well. (8 minutes.) 
As a matter of fact many of the Palestinians of Gaza do not come from Gaza but came from outside of the Gaza Strip, namely what is now the State of Israel. So the Palestinians of Gaza are not Philistines at all.

The Palestinians of Gaza are Palestinians, not Philistines. It is utterly ignorant to accuse the Palestinians of Gaza of being Philistines.

We now continue with MacDonald's broadcast. 

Says all the Palestinians will split from Iran and align with Germany, including those in the West Bank.

Says back in 2012 it seemed very unlikely that Hamas and Hezbollah would split from Iran. Calls it "dramatic forecast" that "seemed pretty outlandish". (10 minutes.)

Says it was very unlikely back in 2012 but now it is happening.

Cites Times of Israel article describing Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal's meeting with Saudi officials. (11-12 minutes.)

Says this meeting infuriated Iran. (12 minutes.)

Cites pro-Hezbollah paper in Lebanon saying this move has infuriated Iran.

Claims this move an attempt by Riyadh to prop up Arab unity against Iran. Cites Reuters article to make this point. (13-14 minutes.)
See, a lot of this is happening in the wake of, and in response to, America giving Iran nuclear weapons and America giving Iran legitimacy in the Middle East and America emboldening Iran politically and helping them financially through the sanctions relief. (14 minutes.)
What venomous propaganda! What hatred the PCG leadership have for the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. To accuse the Obama Administration of being a collaborator with Iran is just extremist rhetoric.

It is nonsense to say that America is "giving Iran nuclear weapons". The whole point of this agreement is to prevent Iran from being able to make a nuclear weapon. This is done by compelling Iran to allow independent inspectors to monitor what Iran does with their nuclear activities.

And those sanctions relief MacDonald complains about are part of the agreement. A few years ago Iran's own money was seized precisely in order to compel Iran to make an agreement such as this. This is a major reason why Iran will allow inspectors to monitor their nuclear program to get their own money that had been seized in order to get this agreement. 

Unfortunately since PCG has gleefully predicted nothing but trouble and turmoil with Iran since 1994 this motivates PCG to wish to only see strife and turmoil with Iran because peace with Iran, or even a relationship set with form rules, would discredit PCG's claim that Gerald Flurry can predict the future. PCG's members might start thinking for themselves if they see this prediction fail and stop paying the three tithes. So PCG does not want peace between America and Iran.

PCG has said elsewhere that Iran has twenty four days to hide a site from inspections. That happens to be not true.

It is also worth mentioning that Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei issued a fatwa in 2003 condemning the possession of nuclear weapons as contrary to Islam and therefore forbidden. Iran's Supreme Leader has banned Iran from making nuclear weapons.

And now with this agreement we don't even have to trust this fatwa. Inspectors can be sent in to monitor what Iran does. The agreement is not about trusting Iran, but verifying what Iran does.

What deluded and misleading misinformation the statement above is. It is most unfortunate that PCG members should be so dreadfully misinformed. Whether MacDonald is sincerely wrong or not is largely irrelevant. PCG's followers have been dreadfully misinformed.

We now continue with MacDonald's broadcast. 

Riyadh grown more aggressive in combating Iranian influence.

Cites article to say these meetings are part of an attempt to contain Iranian power.

Cites Al Arab news channel. Saudi Arabia wants as many allies as possible as part of rivalry against Iran. Relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey improving. Remarkable fulfillment Mr. "Flah-ry" made.

Cites Newsweek saying Iran has completely cut financial aid to Hamas. Iran's financial backing has stopped, civilian and military. Will be hard to cope without Iranian backing.

Hamas and Iran not moving in way Hamas approves.

This relationship is fragmenting, it is falling apart. (19 minutes.)

Shouldn't this development make MacDonald happy? But PCG constantly relies on fear so this development will only be recast as a sinister development as will soon be seen below.

Says the alliance described in Psalm 83 is never mentioned elsewhere. Therefore it is insisted that this alliance must occur in the future shortly before Christ's return.

It is claimed that this alliance is against "the birthright nations" namely the United States and Britain. (21-22 minutes.)

Cites Hosea to say the State of Israel will be "destroyed" in the same time as America and Britain. (22 minutes.)

(The State of Israel is often referred to as "the Jewish state" by PCG's writers to distinguish it from America and Britain which are falsely claimed by Armstrongites to be Israelite as well.)

This alliance consults against "God's hidden ones" or in other translations "God's sheltered one". "This is talking about God's Church. They're right there in the middle of this prophecy." (23 minutes.)

How alluring these words must be to those persuaded that God is with PCG. This verse is talking about you as a member of PCG. Of course this is complete nonsense. PCG is but the work of false prophets.

For many years, and especially in 2011-3, the PCG leadership, including Brad MacDonald himself, claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood would seize power in Egypt and align themselves with Iran, impose Islamic fundamentalism upon Egypt and make Egypt an adversary of the United States allied with Iran. Instead the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted from power in 2013 and later suppressed in a crackdown that killed at least 638 people.

The Psalm 83 nations are intensely anti-American and hate the State of Israel, MacDonald claims.

We can identify these nations MacDonald claims. Claims the Psalm 83 nations compose Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, southern Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Germany.

Says these nations are often called moderate. MacDonald insists this is not the case. They are intensely anti-American. Not pro-American. Not pro-Israel. United in hatred against Israel. We should be worried about this Psalm 83 alliance. (27 minutes.)

Someone should tell MacDonald that the people of Gaza are Palestinians, not Philistines.

Waxes poetic about Flurry's Psalm 83 nations doctrine as a most wonderful and exciting thing. He then claims that this message is unique and "you can't just get it from anywhere else." This hides the fact that PCG is but one of hundreds of COG groups following HWA's teachings.
See, this is an exciting prophecy. This is a dramatic prophecy. Where else can you read about Hamas and Iran fracturing, divorcing and Hamas siding with Saudi Arabia? We else can you read about that three, four, five, six years before it happens? This work is unique. The message you are hearing on the Trumpet Daily radio program every day and the Key of David and the message you read in the Trumpet it's unique. It's unique. It's ... It's not ordinary and you can't just get it from anywhere else. This, the prophecy that ... this prophecy here in Psalm 83 it is important and it is exciting and it is a prophecy that's going to continue to be fulfilled right before our eyes over the next few weeks and months. (28-29 minutes.)
This completely ignores the fact that there are hundreds of other COG groups that continue to preach HWA's teachings. The uninformed listener will have no idea that PCG is but one of hundreds of Armstrongite groups competing with each other to get more tithe paying converts.

And then MacDonald says his goodbyes and his broadcast comes to an end.

Afterwards a broadcast by Stephen Flurry promoting the false idea of British Israelism is tacked on after MacDonald's broadcast but it shall not be discussed here. Most of PCG's prophecies are based on the dogma of British Israelism. As has shown British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.

What nonsense. What misleading propaganda MacDonald has made in this broadcast. If only those who think PCG can be trusted could learn the many problems about what MacDonald has taught in this broadcast. God is not with PCG. PCG merely speak out of their own thoughts.


  1. I am just constantly amazed by the xenophobic imaginings of people touched by the Armstrong prophecy mold. It seems most can't just interpret an activity or event as a news item. They see these news items as evidence of some sinister conspiracy or unfolding plot that is going to eventually result in a perfect storm, ruining the lives of peaceful and innocent people who are simply out there working, participating in their communities, and attempting to feed and raise the next generation. Doomsday is seen everywhere.

    It's not just those who have imaginations about Europe, the Catholic Church, and the Arab nations, either. It is also those who have taken a perverse and opposite tack, imagining international plots allegedly fomented by the Jews, who are supposedly secretly running all of the civilized Western nations, and some of the Europe. I guess the need for calamity just doesn't go away for some of the former Kool Aid drinkers. Armstrongism is a powerful, destructive, modifier, and normalcy is very difficult to achieve in its aftermath.

    I've said for years that the two most damaging conditions of the spirit bred by Armstrongism are depression and paranoia. They are fruits of the thought methodology taught by HWA, designed to cripple and enslave. Imagining gloom and destruction in the future ruins one's present. It was horrifying growing up and living young adulthood "knowing" that the Germans were coming in 1972. Then, nothing happened, and some of us got on with our lives. Others chose to retain the gloom by extending the deadlines for the last 40 years, and even replacing the Armstrong mold with different doomsday scenarios.


  2. It is very sad that Armstrongism has consistently appealed to the base emotions and fear and paranoia about world events to get people to come to their little groups.

    My word. PCG often says they hate Hamas and now when apparently Hamas and Iran are having a bit of a feud at the moment instead of gloating at this development regarding this discord MacDonald just fear mongers that Hamas will now join these "Psalm 83 nations". Whether Hamas is with Iran or not he wants us to be paralyzed with fright at them.

    PCG members need to realize that the PCG leadership will always preach doom and gloom regardless of what actually happens.