Monday, September 14, 2015

PCG: State of Israel's Security Might "Crumble and Collapse" by 2013

Back in 2011 PCG's Brad MacDonald presented to his readers the possibility that the State of Israel might be conquered by Muslims by 2013 to insinuate that the Great Tribulation would soon occur.

Now it must be stated that PCG does not actually teach that the State of Israel is to be conquered by Muslims (as may be seen in a 2001 booklet of theirs) but regardless it is clear that MacDonald here insinuates that some kind of severe military attack could soon occur against the State of Israel. Turmoil of such magnitude as to force the State of Israel to ask for assistance from Europe.
Netanyahu sees that right now vast tracts of the Middle East, territorially, politically and strategically, belong to Iran and radical Islam. Soon now, this Iran-led radical Islamic mob will descend on Israel with overwhelming numbers and force. Like its embassy in Cairo last week, the Jewish state has a defensive wall, a top-notch military, crack intelligence and state-of-the-art anti-missile defense systems. That wall might hold for a while longer. But with each passing month, its ability to protect and defend will diminish, one missile, one terrorist attack at a time.

Soon, perhaps in a few months or maybe next year [2012] or the year after [2013], the weight of the Islamic mob will cause the wall to crumble and collapse. What will happen then?
Bible prophecy tells us that just as a full-scale incursion and takeover of Israel by radical Islam is occurring, Israel will make a phone call. Not to the White House, or to the United Nations. Rather, prophecy reveals that Israel’s leaders, barricaded behind a crumbling wall, will turn to Europe. At the last minute, a German-led European army will swoop in to rescue the Jewish state and obliterate the forces of radical Islam. (Brad MacDonald, Israel Enters Nightmare Scenario, September 15, 2011.)
At the time MacDonald wrote this article and afterwards PCG sent students of theirs to Jerusalem to participate in excavations headed by Dr. Eilat Mazar.

Why did PCG do this if the PCG leadership was speculating that the State of Israel might be conquered by Muslims, or at least so heavily besieged as to compel the State of Israel to ask for assistance from Europe, as early as 2013? Now as noted above PCG does not actually believe that the State of Israel will be conquered by Muslims but MacDonald's words certainly indicate that the PCG leadership expect severe turmoil to erupt in the Holy Land very soon. So why did PCG send their students there?

Why did PCG send their students to a place the PCG leadership thought would soon experience severe turmoil? That seems very irresponsible to do if the PCG leadership seriously believed such dire pronouncements such as this.

Are they knowingly sending their students into danger?

Does PCG take their own dire prognostications seriously?

This is yet another failed prophecy which proves once again that God is not with PCG.

(It's not the only false prophecy either. There is more.)

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