Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Netanyahu's Coalition Partner in Government, The Jewish Home Party

Found this on Twitter from a far left Israeli account. I don't agree with everything on that account but this picture seems worthy of mention here. It was posted shortly after the murder of the innocent Shira Banki in a Jerusalem Pride Parade last month.

While some Israeli officials fund advertising campaigns trying to convince gays to holiday in Israel there lies in the halls of power in Israel a party called Jewish Home. The Jewish Home Party caters for national religious Israeli Jews. The Jewish Home Party is a minor coalition partner in government with Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party. It is led by Naftali Bennett, who is currently the Minister of Education.

Below are some of the leaders of the Jewish Home Party and what they think about gays. (So far I have been unable to verify Uri Ariel's statement below.)

Yehudit Shalit's statement is mentioned by The Times of Israel.

Bezalel Smotrich's sentiment is mentioned by The Jerusalem Post.

Uri Ariel's statement does not appear to be recorded elsewhere on the internet as far as I know. At present I am unable to verify that quote.

Avichai Rontzki's statement is mentioned by A Wider Bridge, an Israeli LGBT website citing a Channel 2 TV program. Banned by HWA has commented about this topic recently.

Eli Ben Dahan's statement is mentioned by The Times of Israel.

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