Friday, November 6, 2015

BBC Interview with PLO Negotiator Saeb Erekat

For anyone wishing to learn more about the current tragic and horrible situation in the Holy Land here is a BBC Hardtalk interview with main PLO secretary general and their main negotiator with the State of Israel, Saeb Erekat.

Only available for another 28 days.  

At one point the interviewer notes that he has interviewed him numerous but has never seen him so dismayed by the current situation. There is no incitement to violence to be found here. Erekat states that the Palestinians have no hope that they will have an independent state. This sense of hopelessness is what is inspiring some to take matters into their own hands with the wave of violence.

Erekat mentions that Netanyahu said he would never allow a Palestinian state to be established under his rule. Erekat mentions how Netanyahu tried to falsely blame a Palestinian mufti for inspiring the Holocaust. Such incitement makes it much harder for Erekat to retain any trust from the Palestinian people if Erekat cannot get anything from such a hostile government.

It is politically motivated violence made by people who have lost hope that life will ever get better. The answer is not a security crackdown and just shooting any Palestinian in sight. Not only is it tragic for all concerned. It is useless as well. But rather political solutions must be made.

Some have said that the State of Israel cannot defend themselves if they withdraw from the West Bank or to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. But refusing to do so is what has incited this wave of stabbings by some Palestinians. Taking away any hope among the Palestinians of an independent state is precisely what has led to the terrible violence of October 2015 in which about 73 Palestinians were killed. Also Israel was fully capable of defending themselves from their original borders in 1948-1967. Why insist they cannot do so again?

The State of Israel is far more powerful than any of the Palestinian factions. They have a powerful army. Even nuclear weapons. They have so many political options available to calm the situation down.

The Israeli governmental leaders need to pursue peace rather than just accepting this terrible situation as somehow an acceptable outcome. It is not.

We need peace now.

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