Monday, November 30, 2015

PCG's Robert Morley's Limited View of ISIL's Terrorist Attacks in Paris

From one who was never professionally trained in economics.

What a crudely limited way to view those who committed the ghastly terrorist attacks in Paris.

They were not "Muslim terrorists". They were ISIL terrorists. Lackeys of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

Some of the innocent persons who murdered in Paris were Muslims.

Most of the people who have been murdered by ISIL in Iraq and Syria were Muslims. It is insulting to the Muslims murdered by ISIL to call the mass murderers of ISIL "Muslim terrorists". We must be careful to distinguish between the guilty and the innocent.

Never mind that the mastermind of the terrorist attacks went to ISIL in Syria. Never mind that he needed to be mesmerized by ISIL's control over parts of Iraq and Syria to be radicalized the way he was. ISIL's terrorist activities against the peoples of Iraq and Syria cost a lot of money and resources. ISIL's lying propaganda relies on these things to mesmerize and deceive recruits who are deceptively recruited to fight for ISIL, not Islam as ISIL's shameless recruiters falsely claim.

Seizing control of territory belonging to Iraq and Syria cost a lot of money. Paying thugs and murderers to maintain control over the people in land stolen by ISIL from the people of Iraq and Syria costs a lot of money. Producing deceptive propaganda to boast about such things cost a lot of money.

To only look at what it cost the terrorists to conduct their mass murder of the innocent people in Paris is a very limited and flawed way of viewing the tragic and situation in Paris. It ignores how ISIL needed to do all these other things to mesmerize and deceive people into carrying out the murderous intentions of ISIL.

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