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Gerald Flurry Condemns Attempts to Make Peace in the Holy Land

Gerald Flurry has written an article (The Peace Lie, November 27, 2015) insisting that it is folly for the State of Israel to make peace with its neighbors.

Flurry asserts that soon America will lose international importance and be replaced by Britain before Britain herself is to be conquered.
As bad as Judah’s wound is, Ephraim’s sickness is even worse! That’s why it is mentioned first. Manasseh, or America, isn’t mentioned at all because it is more sick than Ephraim and has already faded from international relevance by this time. No man can heal these nations. Only God can.
Flurry then insists that Germany will soon arise as an unstoppable military superpower.
“The Assyrian” here is Germany. ... King Jareb is the Assyrian leader. “Jareb” means “warlike monarch,” or “King Contentious,” as the Soncino Commentary translates it. This leader is more dangerous than Adolf Hitler. If you study history, you know that the German people routinely follow the lead of some truly frightening men. They are a great people, but they have not repented of their warlike ways.
Once again Flurry vilifies the German people. Flurry is wrong to insist that Germans are just waiting to plunge the world into another World War based on what HWA said for many years. This is not true. It will not happen.
But after 1973, following an unsuccessful attempt by the Arabs to conquer Judah once again...
Flurry means the State of Israel. It is confusing to misuse words incorrectly as is done here. But because of his British Israelism he cannot bring himself to call the Jewish citizens of the State of Israel as "Israel" since he constantly teaches that the United States and Great Britain are "Israel". Consequently PCG constantly use clumsy euphemisms to describe the State of Israel. Calling it "Judah" is but one example of this practice.
In 2005, Judah [Flurry means the State of Israel] evacuated 9,000 Jews from the Gaza Strip and turned the territory over to Palestinian control. The enemy has used that land as a launching pad for rockets aimed at Judah [Flurry means the State of Israel] ever since. Gaza is now a proxy of Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. The West Bank Palestinians have also joined forces with the terrorists in Gaza. So much for a peace pact.
It is intriguing that Flurry asserts that "Gaza is now a proxy of Iran". Flurry is clearly alluding to Hamas. But recently PCG have been claiming that Hamas and Iran are no longer on good terms with each other. PCG have even said that Iran no longer funds Hamas in Gaza thus making it necessary for Hamas to seek funding elsewhere. That assertion is nowhere to be found in Flurry's article.

So what is happening? On the one hand PCG say Hamas and Iran are disillusioned with each other with Iran even cutting funding to Hamas. But now Flurry insists on portraying Iran and Hamas as being like hand and glove.

PCG cannot be right with both contrary opinions at the same time. Someone in PCG is wrong. How can readers trust what PCG say seeing this confusion?

Furthermore Flurry seems unaware of the fact that the evacuation of the settlers from Gaza was a cost cutting exercise, not a peace making exercise. One makes peace by talking to the other side, making an agreement and then enforcing it.

That did not happen with Gaza. Instead the Sharon led government unilaterally made the decision to evacuate the Israeli Jewish settlers out of Gaza.

Notice how it was described by then Minister of Finance Benjamin Netanyahu when he wrote a letter of resignation in protest against the evacuation of Israeli settlers in Gaza.
From the moment you [Prime Minister Sharon] presented your disengagement plan to me, I told you I was against a unilateral withdrawal in which Israel would receive nothing in return. (Dave Hunt, Judgment Day!, 2006, p. 229)
The disengagement was "a unilateral withdrawal". The evacuation was not an attempt to make peace with the Palestinians. If it was such a move would have been mutually agreed upon by Israeli and Palestinian officials alike instead of the Israeli government simply making this decision by themselves.

The disengagement was not intended by the Israeli government to make peace with the Palestinians. It was a cost cutting exercise.

Now that the settlers had been moved out there was no need to use Israeli soldiers to protect those settlers. The Israeli soldiers proceeded to leave the Gaza Strip and continued to control and consequently occupy Gaza to this very day.

Let us now continue with Flurry's article.
Thanks to a foolhardy campaign promise by newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the Israel Defense Forces withdrew from South Lebanon in 2000 after 15 years of warfare with the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization. Of course, Hezbollah immediately seized control of the area, and now Iran has Judah virtually surrounded.
The evacuation from Southern Lebanon was never intended to make peace. One makes peace by talking to the other side, making an agreement and enforcing it. That did not happen in 2000.

Just like the 2005 disengagement from Gaza, the evacuation of Southern Lebanon was a cost cutting exercise, not a peace making exercise. The Barak led government made no attempt to negotiate with the Lebanese government or Hezbollah about it. Instead it was decided to withdraw Israeli forces out of South Lebanon. This decision was made unilaterally by the Israeli government. (One intriguing article about this withdrawal may be found from The Times of Israel.)

But since the Israelis soldiers evacuated without making any peace agreement with either the Lebanese government or Hezbollah there could be no peace. One could say it would never work but not having such negotiations meant there would be no peace. The Barak led government's decision not to pursue any kind of negotiations guaranteed that hostility and belligerency would continue to scar and torment the border between the State of Israel and Lebanon.
Iran is no friend of Judah [Flurry means the State of Israel]. It is controlled by ayatollahs, the Islamist extremist spiritual leaders of the country. Seemingly every week, these madmen lead huge crowds in chants of “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” They have branded America “the great Satan” and Judah “the little Satan.” Their immediate goal is to wipe the Jewish nation in the Middle East off the map.
And recently Iran's Supreme Leader said that the slogan "Death to America" was a protest against policies the Iranian government do not like. But PCG went out of their way to insist to their readers to pay no heed to what Iran's Supreme Leader should happen to say about their own slogan.

This paragraph fear mongering about Iran also ignores the fact that the State of Israel had armed and aided Iran during the 1980s and as late as 1987. This was done in order to counter Saddam Hussein led Iraq. 
Israel, in fact, continued to supply the Khomeini regime with military equipment and ammunition at least until 1987. (Jeff Halper, War Against the People, Chapter 9, 2015.)
Furthermore these links between Khomeini led Iran and the State of Israel was later used by the Reagan Administration to covertly send military aid to Iran in a failed attempt to persuade Iran to secure the release of American hostages in Lebanon. This was later exposed as part of the Iran-Contra scandal.

It was only in the early 1990s under Prime Minister Rabin that the State of Israel reassessed the situation and determined that Iran was the primary adversary facing the State of Israel. One reason why Rabin made this change in viewpoint was to encourage Israelis to accept a peace deal with the PLO. Rabin was later tragically murdered by an Israeli extremist for his dealings with the Palestinians. This aspect of his policy has unfortunately been forgotten by his successors. (Gareth Porter, Manufactured Crisis, Chapter 5, 2014)
There is no judgment or wisdom in sitting across the negotiating table from avowed enemies—whether Iran, the PLO, Hamas or Fatah. These Islamic radicals believe the only way their messiah will return to Earth is if they slaughter as many people as possible! They are also convinced that America, Britain and Judah are Satan’s proxies and must be crushed from existence.
That accusation about them wanting "their messiah" to return to Earth seems to be a garbled reference to former Iranian President Ahmadinejad. PCG really should stop pretending that he is still there considering that Ahmadinejad went out of office in 2013.

It is wrong to say that Fatah is convinced that "America [is] Satan's [proxy] and must be crushed from existence" considering that Fatah has been negotiating with the State of Israel for many years and have relations with the United States. At least in regards to Fatah this accusation that they want to erase America from existence is wrong and absurd. To say such a thing contradicts the ninth commandment.
Judah [Flurry means the State of Israel] is by far the most powerful nation in the Middle East. It possesses nuclear weapons, but it won’t confront the terrorists because of the peace process. The other side doesn’t want a solution—they want war. Winston Churchill said war is the only real way to solve anything with carnal men. Our nations can either rely on God or crush the enemy, but they refuse to take either action!
Often PCG portrays the State of Israel as helpless and as the victim. Earlier in this article Flurry states that "Iran has [the State of Israel] virtually surrounded" and yet here Flurry states that the State of Israel "is by far the most powerful nation in the Middle East."

Flurry does not support the State of Israel because it is weak. He just stated that the State of Israel "is by far the most powerful nation in the Middle East."

Flurry supports the State of Israel because he thinks the Israeli Jews are white like himself. His British Israelism imposes his own whiteness upon Israeli Jews. Consequently when he hears of violence committed against Israeli Jews he thinks it is "black on white violence". But if Palestinians should happen to suffer as a result of what Israeli personnel committed it is ignored.

(It must be mentioned that this dogma based on British Israelism disregards how Israeli Jews themselves view themselves. Flurry has imposed his own white identity upon Israeli Jews thus dehumanizing them by imposing his own white identity upon them by viewing them as whites.)

PCG supports the State of Israel for the same reason they banned interracial marriage and demonize Japan: to advance white supremacy.

PCG supports the State of Israel for racist reasons. Supporting Israel should be done for good reasons, not because one thinks they are white. And certainly not because of the false dogma of British Israelism. 

Why should one give up the hope for peace based on what some man in Edmond says based on the writings of the false prophet of 1975, Herbert W. Armstrong? PCG has a long history of making predictions that fail miserably. Since so many of PCG's predictions have failed there is every reason to believe that this prediction by Flurry will fail as well. We need peace in the Holy Land now.

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  1. Nothing more ridiculous than guessing the outcome of international events based on the prior guesses of a guesser (HWA). Clearly, if ever a case could be made for someone to go back and to reinvent the wheel, this would be it. Flurry and the ACOGs consider such a reinvention to be sacrilege, so they will continue on their downward spiral in terms of their influence and credibility, and the number of followers.