Friday, November 13, 2015

PCG's Condemnation of African American Protesters in University of Missouri

PCG's Stephen Flurry has now released an article in which he vilifies African Americans protesters at the University of Missouri are vilified as quoting a cop killer and vilified as "youth violence" and "violent youth culture".
... it’s a troubling “victory” that reveals our nation’s problems with race, youth violence, and our sports-crazed culture. ...
The student protesters used all kinds of tactics of intimidation: They screamed their chants, barged into meetings, and constantly disrupted student life.
The same student who led the Assata Shakur chant above revealed in another video: “We’re trying to break the system down … it just so happens we’re starting with him.”
Their goal is to break the system! (Stephen Flurry, "University of Missouri: Where Racism Merges With Violent Youth Culture", November 13, 2015.)
And what system is Stephen Flurry talking about? One in which African Americans can only say what makes Stephen Flurry comfortable?

When Stephen Flurry talks of "racism" in the article's title he seems to be accusing the African American protesters of being racists. Quite an inflammatory accusation to make in this tense situation.

Is he worried something like that may happen in his unaccredited HWA College? That seems a most unlikely situation.

The possibility that these protesters might be responding to real issues is never presented to the reader. Evidence that the protesters' concerns are quite real will be seen later.

The fact that Stephen Flurry chooses to wildly condemn these protesters show that he does not view African Americans as equals but as "others" who are not part of his community. Once some of them should say and do things he disapproves of he condemns them.

British Israelism teaches its followers to distinguish white Americans from African Americans and other ethnic minorities. When the COGs say "we" bear the birthright of Joseph and are descendants of Manasseh and Ephraim they mean only whites. African Americans and other ethnic minorities are excluded.

This teaches them to view African Americans as "not one of us" and "others".
Even though the St. Louis County grand jury and the Justice Department exonerated the officer who killed Brown, the hatred, the violence and the protesting haven’t stopped.
That statement, at least in regards to the grand jury, is misleading and confusing. A grand jury is not a jury. A grand jury's role is to let a prosecutor advance a case. Grand juries are supposed to simply agree with the prosecutor. There is no defense in a grand jury since it is supposed to simply agree with the prosecutor that the case can advance further. It is highly unusual for a grand jury to choose not to let a case advance since a grand jury is to only do what the prosecutor tells them to do. It is confuses the readers for Stephen Flurry to place so much weight on such an unusual ruling.

Strangely there is no mention of the fact that some extremist white individuals have made death threats against the University over these protests. What a terrible thing that the students and staff of this University are forced to endure because some people choose to hate African Americans.

Stephen Flurry condemned these protests elsewhere as "racial hysteria" and yet some extremists chose to make death threats against the University. These ghastly death threats prove that Stephen Flurry does not know what he is talking about. Shamefully the possibility of racist violence against African Americans over these protests is never mentioned as a concern in this article.

It is sad that PCG's leaders seem to think that African Americans are to be opposed and vilified whenever some of them choose to advance their interests and speak out on public affairs in a way PCG opposes. It is revealing how often PCG chooses to side against African Americans whenever these issues reach public attention.

Since 1992 at least PCG's leaders have preached the vicious idea that in the near future African Americans will launch a wave of riots against the white majority that PCG's leaders emotively call a "race war". This is PCG's false prophecy of race war.

This racist false prophecy will never happen. 


  1. OK, here is the deal. All these students really want is the final refinement to the civil rights movement! They would like to be treated and respected just as white people are. They want what the Constitution promises, i.e. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They don't want to be automatically feared because of the color of their skin, or suspected of crimes before any are even thought of being committed.

    This is a companion to the "Black Lives Matter" campaign. Quite honestly, if I happened to be of the African American ethnicity, I would be demonstrating right with them. I believe their cause is totally reasonable. It is a shame that a group which calls themselves a church would be so blinded by their British Israel racism that they can't even understand basic human compassion and dignity.


    1. It is quite sad to see PCG vilifying an ethnic minority in this incident. Instead of trying to understand the situation PCG's leaders choose to incite fear and hostility.

      This shows that the PCG leadership does not view African Americans as follow Americans like themselves but they insist on viewing them as outsiders and "not one of us".

      Although the specific doctrines of British Israelism cause PCG to have some differences with more familiar forms of racism (their vilification of Germans for instance) when it comes to African Americans shamefully they instinctively choose to oppose them.

      And considering they say these things in writings mainly made to recruit new converts it seems that PCG are actively looking for recruits who happen to shame this exaggerated fear of African American. No good can come from this.

  2. It should be noted that Jews (and by implication, those of the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh) swarthy and not, strictly speaking, 'white'. In fact, the DNA haplogroup of the Arabs are the same as the Jews and the Y-Chromosome shows that they have a common ancestry -- different -- quite different -- from the white Europeans.

    It should also be noted that in the history of British Israelism, many of the proponents were anti-Semite.

    But what would we expect from the PCG, since it is racist?

    1. It is most true that certain proponents of British Israelism generally outside of Armstrongism are virulent anti-Semites who say ghastly and terrible things to demonize Jews.

      British Israelism is dangerous. It insists on imposing made up identities on the Jews regardless of how the Jews themselves view these matters.

      British Israelism is stealing the Jews' distinctive cultural identity.