Sunday, November 1, 2015

Palestinians Have Conservative Families so Why Won't the COGs Support Them?

The COGs constantly bemoan the increase of family households they disapprove of and denounce them as part of some "war on the family" ultimately masterminded by Satan.

Last year a terrible war occurred in Gaza. Here is what one Palestinian of Gaza said about the war's impact on the women of Gaza.
“This war was different from previous wars, especially for women. Civilians were attacked particularly in their homes. The home is the domain of the women […]. Women are dependent on the home for their purpose and existence. They are the primary caretakers of the home and responsible for raising the children, for cooking, cleaning, clothing. Without this habitat the women lose their sense of purpose, and their sense of control. The outside realm, the public, is the man’s sphere.” (Witness 233, cited in United Nations Human Rights Council report, p. 31.)
So among the Palestinians of Gaza there are clearly many who do have families of the type that the COGs approve of. Last years these families endured an actual war. And did the COGs stand for them?

Of course not. The COGs' teaching of British Israelism says certain peoples are favored to gain national wealth. But others are not so favored and are thus ignored. As part of this doctrine Israeli Jews are viewed by the COGs as being the brothers and sisters of white Americans.

The COGs have imposed their whiteness upon Israeli Jews. This may seem like an act of friendship towards Israeli Jews at first glance but in fact it dehumanizes Israeli Jews by imposing a false identity upon them.

British Israelism is false. has shown how British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism. When the COGs claim they are descendants of the biblical Israelites they are stealing the distinctive cultural identity of Jews for one's own people, namely white Americans. British Israelism is stealing and violates the sixth commandment, "Thou shalt not steal."

Among the Palestinians of Gaza they have families that meet the COGs' ideals and they have endured an actual war that severely harmed their families and yet the COGs make little fuss over what they endure.

Is it because they are "not white" in the COGs eyes?

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