Saturday, October 31, 2015

PCG Vilifying Germans Again

PCG's Brad MacDonald has released an article entitled, How Many Germans Secretly Admire Hitler?

Here MacDonald fear mongers that Germans secretly love Adolf Hitler. It is insinuated that in the near future Germany will become radicalized in a way similar to what happened during the frightful days of Nazi rule (1933-45).

MacDonald exploits a recently released satirical movie to insinuate that Germans are still like the infamous Nazis. PCG teaches that Germany will lead Europe to soon conquer America in military conquest and this venomous accusation is used to keep PCG members fearful of Germany.
The success of a newly released film in which Adolf Hitler is resurrected and returns to Germany reveals a sobering reality. ...

I realize that we’re talking about a movie, and a comedy at that. But isn’t this a little odd and somewhat disconcerting? What should we make of the fact that most of the people Hitler came into contact with greeted him warmly and enthusiastically? Does this reveal a worrying complacency with Hitler and his despicable legacy? 
While the movie seems to make a pointed commentary on the problem of xenophobia within Germany today its purpose is woefully perverted by PCG's false fear inducing dogma that Germany will soon conquer America. That is just hateful nonsense. Being so fearful of Germany it is harder for PCG members to notice and act upon the problems within PCG.
During his interview with the Post, Wnendt—a German himself—shared how surprised he was by how many ordinary Germans had no qualms about conversing with Hitler, and at the same time expressed xenophobic, racist views about foreigners living in Germany. One woman complained that Germany’s problems were the result of foreigners living in Germany. One man explained that immigrants from Africa had caused Germany’s IQ to drop by 20 percent. Another complained that foreigners could do whatever they wanted because Germans were too full of guilt about World War II. “We Germans are not allowed to open our mouths because we still have that stigma,” he said.

These people made these remarks on camera, while in conversation with a man made to look like Adolf Hitler. 
Does it never occur to MacDonald that perhaps most Germans are more like Wendt then the boogeymen PCG fearfully proclaim will soon conquer America? 

Although MacDonald is happy to use this film to point out xenophobic attitudes among some Germans to vilify the German people as a whole thus failing to distinguish between the guilty and the innocent he condemns the film as trivializing the Holocaust.
Again, isn’t this disconcerting? It seems that Adolf Hitler, one of the cruelest men in history and a man once met with repulsion and disgust, is today more of a curiosity and amusement. ... This film, and its terrific success, reveals an alarming complacency—and even an affinity—for Hitler. This film, and the millions who watch it, trivialize the history of Hitler, the murder of 6 million Jews, and the entire history of World War II. The history of the Holocaust includes some of the most despicable behavior ever committed by humans. Shouldn’t that history be untouchable, at least by comedians? Isn’t it a little worrying that there is a healthy appetite for these sorts of films? Shouldn’t we be concerned that in 2015 Germany, Hitler sells? 
The leaders of the Armstrongite COGs have no right to condemn others for supposedly trivializing the Holocaust.

Armstrongism has exploited the Holocaust to demonize Germans collectively and make the COGs' absurd false prophecies of a future German military conquest seem reasonable. This shameful practice started with HWA himself. So many was recruited to convert to the various branches of Armstrongism by fear pronouncements of doom and gloom which often discussed the various atrocities that occurred during World War II.

Armstrongism has exploited the mass murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime to make money out of people indoctrinated to fear that the Nazis are coming soon in the future to attack them.

There is a bizarre irony regarding MacDonald's paranoid demagoguery about Germans. A story was recently released in The Guardian which mentioned that some German Neo-Nazis are quite admiring of Australia's policy of preventing immigrants coming in by boat from reaching Australia, Brad MacDonald's original homeland.
Usually protesters crave media attention but here people turned their backs, pushed my camera away and threatened violence using a variety of gestures I understood all too well. I guessed that some didn’t want to be filmed because there’s a stigma attached to supporting Pegida – a social price to pay if you’re a schoolteacher or public servant. ...

But as soon as someone asked me where I was from, I realised I could instantly defuse the nasty vibe with one simple word: Australia.

Suddenly, it was all smiles. As far as the protesters were concerned, my nationality meant I was friend, not foe. Clearly Australia’s reputation for “stopping the boats” preceded me.

A week before, I’d been welcomed as a fellow traveller at a rally by the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

“I’m delighted to have an Australian TV crew here with us,” announced Jens Baur, the party’s regional leader in Saxony. “As you know we have a few similarities to Australia’s ‘No Way’ campaign’”.

The NPD are usually described as neo-Nazis, and Baur was a huge fan of the Australian government’s tough line on asylum seekers. (Amos Roberts, Being Australian gave me street cred at a neo-Nazi rally in Germany, The Guardian, October 13, 2015.)
It is worth mentioning here that PCG has long fear mongered about immigrants portraying them in a bad way. PCG's leaders have even insinuated that President Obama was deliberately letting immigrants into the United States to get more votes for the Democratic Party. What paranoia! In fact deportations actually increased under President Obama's watch.

Unlike PCG I will point out that this refers to a government policy. No doubt many Australians disagree with this policy and it is not fair to just blame the Australian people as a whole for this.

And so we see that PCG's long running and shameful demonization of Germans as a whole to promote their false prophecies proclaiming that Germany will soon conquer America continues. 

There is no need to fear PCG's dire pronouncements. PCG are false prophets.

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