Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mark Armstrong Denounces President Obama as "a heathen"

Banned by HWA has a post about some spiel Mark Armstrong has made in which President Obama, the elected President of the United States of America, commander of the armed forces, is vilified as "a heathen".
It is a desecration of our heritage that a heathen of Obama's extraction should ever have had the chance to demean the Office of the Presidency as he has persistently done. But no one in the House or Senate will do their constitutionally ordained job. Maybe they're all compromised in some way, it's sure is starting to seem that way. Divine intervention may be our only hope, but if it comes in the way of the end-time scenario, it's going to be very painful for all concerned. May God's will be done.

 Mark Armstrong
What madness! What vile and crude rhetoric. There more than a little whiff of racism in such talk.

If President Obama does something wrong then condemn him for what he does. But for Mark Armstrong to demean himself by using such venomous rhetoric demeans himself and all those associated with him.

It is also sickening to see Mark Armstrong's denigration of the refugees fleeing into Europe. However one may respond to the current refugee crisis we should always bear in mind their humanity and consider that if we were in their shoes we would quite likely act just like them. Their dreams of forging a better life for themselves and their children are just like ours. In many ways the refugees of today are like the Jews who fled the horrors of Nazism in times past. Would Mark Armstrong speak of other refugees in such a way?


  1. It should be noted that the Armstrongists are the heathens who commit idolatry worshipping false gods, among them British Israelism.

    Actually, I'm conflicted. Are they idolaters worshipping false gods or atheist false prophets?

  2. The basic problem is this. When one practices exclusionary compassion, and in the process, writing off entire races or other groups, then one's compassion even for the members of "approved" groups is highly questionable.

    Lack of compassion or empathy for any living creature is part of a person's character that red flags them as not to be trusted.

    If Mark intends to be taken seriously, then he needs to get away from this ignorant name calling. His carefully chosen descriptives of our President are just as offensive as the "N" word. There was a time when it was thought that certain races were incapable of receiving education, absorbing culture, being civilized, or indulging in philosophical thought. That school of thought has been invalidated. You could almost understand Mark's grandfather holding these views, as in his youth, African Americans were not that far removed from slavery. But, Mark really should know better, based on the evidence from our own times.