Friday, October 9, 2015

PCG Silent About Violence in the Holy Land

At present the Holy Land is going through a wave of violence. As far as I can tell this round of violence started with the State of Israel restricting access to Al Aqsa Mosque for Palestinian Muslims by refusing to let some Palestinian Muslims to enter and at the same time allowing some Jews to enter those grounds. An ultra-Orthodox MK has recently stated that such was the case.
In an interview recorded for broadcast on Radio Kol Barama Thursday evening, Ba’adani [an ultra-Orthodox rabbi] took those Jews who have entered the Temple Mount compound to task for stirring up tensions. "Do not provoke the nations, even if we are in control here, there is a halakha. I don't know on whose authority they permit themselves to provoke and cause an armed struggle like is happening now… they are forbidden.
he said that saving life trumps any mitzvah [commandment], and thus asked "Why enter the Temple Mount?" (Haaretz.)
Things later escalated when some Palestinians apparently were planning to stay at the sacred site and Israeli authorities proceeded to disperse this attempted gathering of Palestinians within Al Aqsa grounds. While those Palestinians were forcibly dispersed, alas, the situation has inflamed tensions and the latest round of violence of this tragic Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now underway.

Individual Palestinians are committing acts of violence such as stabbing attacks. In retaliation crowds of often right wing Israelis are marching through the streets at night shouting vicious slogans against their Palestinian neighbors sometimes leading to violence against Palestinians. At least one Palestinian's death, that of Fadi Samir Alloun, appear to have at least partly caused by incitement by a crowd of these hardliners.

Also several Palestinians, including a thirteen year old boy, have been shot by Israeli forces who are supposed to protect the people.

And now some deranged individual in Dimona have stabbed four Palestinians who were just heading for work. When will this violence end?

And what does PCG have to say about these terrible events? Very little. Back on September 18 PCG released a Trumpet Hour broadcast discussing the situation in Jerusalem. But that was before many otehr events occurred. Regarding the many terrible events since then PCG seems to be silent.

What terrible things are happening in the Holy Land at present.

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