Thursday, October 8, 2015

Armed Anti-Muslim Protest in PCG's Hometown This Weekend

PCG's leadership would like to have us believe that bigotry against Muslims is not an issue in the United States. And yet this weekend there are to be anti-Muslim protests scheduled to be held across the United States. One of them is to be held in Oklahoma City, in PCG's hometown.

It has been asserted that some of these anti-Muslim protesters will be armed with guns and that some of the organizers are associated with far right wing militia groups.

That sounds quite dangerous. How will those who attend know that such persons can be trusted with those guns? What if some of them are too hot tempered?

Here is a list of locations in which some of these protests are to occur this weekend.

PCG would have us believe that bigotry against Muslims in the United States is no big deal. Here is how PCG's Robert Morley absurdly insisted that bigotry against Muslims in the United States is not worth mentioning.
You know we saw in the media ... especially in previous cases we saw them pretending like the greatest danger in this war on terror is increased discrimination against these peaceful Muslims. Like they talk like the biggest danger for America is if, you know, suddenly there's going to be discrimination against Muslims. Well we don't see people going out there and attacking Muslims and going into their mosques and shooting people up. That doesn't happen in America. At least to this point we havn't seen that. (Robert Morley, Trumpet Hour, July 17, 2015 broadcast, broadcast, 32-33 minutes, as cited in a previous post.
What denial. What ignorance. And to think an armed protest against Muslims is to be held in PCG's hometown this weekend. And PCG in all likelihood will just continue to live in denial.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of people in Oklahoma City are perfectly good people. But PCG lives in denial regarding bigotry against Muslims in the United States as seen above and PCG's leadership deserves to be called out on this issue. They say it is not an issue of importance but look at what they are ignoring in their own hometown.

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