Tuesday, October 20, 2015

News from the Holy Land

So many things have been happening in the Holy Land recently. Sadly so many sad and tragic news have emerged in recent days. Here are a few pieces of news. May peace soon come to the Holy Land.


A Palestinian family in Silwan, East Jerusalem, was forcibly evicted from their homes after a thirteen year legal struggle to make way for settlers from a right wing settler organization named Ataret Cohanim. As though the situation was not tense enough.
This morning (Monday) a large body of Israeli police evicted a Palestinian family (Abu Nab) from their home in Silwan and handed the house over to settlers from the extreme right-wing movement “Ateret Cohanim”. Palestinian inhabitants of the neighbourhood were put under strict curfew, shut in their homes with no coming in or out under any circumstances.

Such a case of forceful displacement of a Palestinian family and handing over the home to Jewish settlers has not taken place in East Jerusalem since the last Evictions in Sheikh Jarrah in 2009. ...

Abu Nab’s family has been fighting to stay in their home since 2002, when the settler organisation, Ateret Cohanim, filed a lawsuit alleging that the land where Abu Nab’s property sits had been registered as hekdesh, or Jewish religious property, since 1881. A 2015 ruling from Israel’s Supreme Court gave Abu Nab’s family – comprised of 16 people living in two separate homes – until August 11 2015 to leave, and this was followed by an eviction order according to which the eviction is now being carried out. According to settlement watchdog Peace Now, the case is part of a larger scheme by Jewish settlers to seize 5,200 square metres in the area of Silwan’s Batan al-Hawa neighbourhood, where an estimated 80 Palestinian families live in more than 30 buildings. (Source.)
(Are those PCG members who have excavated in Jerusalem aware of these things going on so near where they excavate?)


Last Saturday Jews and Palestinians marched together saying "We will not surrender to despair." May their dream of peace and happiness come true soon.


Innocent Eritrean man lynched to death by a murderous mob who thought he was a Palestinian.


A bunch of Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jews tried to go into Joseph's tomb in Nablus following the orders of a "renegade rabbi" who currently lives in exile in South Africa to avoid prosecution for allegations of sexual abuse.


Israeli authorities arrested a senior Hamas figure.


Recently released is a chilling report from Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights discussing eight instances of Palestinians killed in the recent round of violence. Here is how it describes the death of one young Palestinian man who was killed recently.
On October 4, Israeli police shot and killed Fadi Samir Mustafa Alloun, 19, from the village of Issawiya near Jerusalem, under the pretext that he stabbed a 15-year-old Jewish boy. Eyewitnesses told Euro-Med Monitor that a group of Israeli settlers chased Alloun when he was walking in the Masrara area in Jerusalem. The settlers had gathered to protest the killing of two of their peers earlier in the morning. Apparently, when the settlers saw Alloun, they attempted to attack him before he ran to Haim Barlev Street. An Israeli police car arrived at the scene, and the officer shot seven live bullets toward the boy. Video recordings s hared on Israeli websites show settlers chasing Alloun and attacking him in the Almasserarh area before he was shot. (p. 3.)

And while all these serious affairs are going on an Arutz Sheva writer suggests demolishing the homes of Palestinians who go on stabbing attacks and deporting their families "without due process." In fact house demolition is a tactic dating back to British rule (1917-48). It did not seem to work for the British. Israeli authorities have demolished many Palestinian homes in this very sort of punishment for many years now but it seems to have failed to give peace to anyone.
Is it too late? Never! We have the promise from The One Above that He will never forsake us. Here is a straightforward plan that has never been tried and could conceivably bring a quick end to the state of terror gripping the country:

a) Kill or apprehend the perpetrator.
b) Immediately destroy his family home without due process.
c) Deport all the residents of his home with no permission without due process.

Why will it work? The Shahid gives up his life willingly in the hope of murdering Jews, as we have seen time and again. He does however, in a screwed up kind of way, love his own family and he does not want to bring them to hardships and grief. So this plan presents a promising possibility that after 10 or 20 times that it is actually followed, the streets will become safe, even safer than before.

And what makes it just? Parents who brought up their children to hate and kill indiscriminately deserve to be punished and what more fitting punishment than to be thrown out of the Land.

In order to put a plan such as this into action it would require that Martial Law be imposed in Israel for a preset time, as was done in Canada in 1970, in Poland in 1981, in China in 1989 and in Thailand in 2014. (Pesach Nussbaum, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Your Highest Priority is Saving Jews, Arutz Sheva, October 16, 2015.)
The current acts of violence committed by some individual Palestinians are a symptom of the current political crisis in the Holy Land. Therefore the current round of violence is a political problem which requires political solutions.

And just imagine: PCG, UCG, LCG and RCG all trust Arutz Sheva.


How dare Armstrongism exploit these tragic and terrible events to promote false prophecies and say that this terrible state of affairs is doomed to be like this until Christ returns. We need peace now.

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