Monday, October 5, 2015

Tensions in the Holy Land

The current tensions within the Holy Land are saddening and horrifying. People are dying. It is such a tragic and sickening situation. As bad as things are they could always get worse. I dearly hope that does not happen. I was hoping things would calm down but clearly it is not getting better at present.

The State of Israel is vastly more powerful than any institution the Palestinians are able to create at present. The State of Israel have an army, an air force, a navy, renowned intelligence institutions, military conscription, and even nuclear weapons. The Israeli government is vastly more powerful than the Palestinian Authority, Hamas or any other Palestinian faction.

One problem is that the State of Israel have imposed restrictions on Palestinian Muslims entering Al Aqsa Mosque and the associated grounds thus hampering their ability to worship on a site that is most precious to the Palestinian people. It seems that removing these restrictions and letting all Muslims worship there as they please would have calmed things down.

However these restrictions regarding Muslims entering Al Aqsa Mosque are still in force and now the Israeli authorities have restricted many Palestinians from even entering the Old City of Jerusalem. How could Palestinians view this as anything other than a hostile act? That restriction could make this bad situation even worse. The Palestinians need to live as free men and women in Jerusalem and in Al Aqsa Mosque and the surrounding grounds.

So as the most powerful force within the Holy Land the Israeli government is the side that can most easily use their power to de-escalate the situation. Now is most emphatically not the time for the Israeli government to act all macho and threatening but rather they should calm things down. Is throwing more law enforcement personnel into the tense situation really necessary?

It is so sad and such a dreadful situation.

How dare the COGs tell us there is no hope that these things will be resolved and that all are doomed for more strife and turmoil until Christ returns.

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