Sunday, October 11, 2015

Far Right Israelis Intimidating Palestinians in Jerusalem

From YNet News comes this chilling account of Israeli far rightists intimidating Palestinians in Jerusalem after a far right protest.
During their entire march, organized by La Familia (a group of far-right fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club) and Lehava (a right-wing organization dedicated to preventing the "assimilation" of Jews with non-Jews in Israel), the protesters chanted slogans such as "death to Arabs" and "may your village burn," and looked for Arabs to attack. And indeed, after the protest ended a number of the participants attacked a taxi driver and attempted to attack other Arab passersby. ...

One of the Lehava activists came into the store, looked at the workers, and loudly asked "Do you employ Arabs here?" A few seconds later, he saw the clerk's nametag and said "So I understand there are Arabs here." He went outside and called his friends over.
Here is the full article by Roi Yanovsky.

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