Monday, October 26, 2015

SHOCKING: Arutz Sheva Writer Calls for Imitating Hitler's Propaganda Methods

The following words from an Arutz Sheva writer are appalling and horrifying. Here the writer recommends using Hitler's foul book of hatred, Mein Kampf, to learn how to spread propaganda to vilify "Islamists" in the same way as Hitler demonized the Jews.
Off-the-shelf methods are available from Colonel Paul Linebarger's authoritative Psychological Warfare, as well as the propaganda chapter of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. The fact that Hitler was a monster often causes people to overlook the fact that his methods (which were not originally his, he copied them from Triple Entente PsyWar practices) worked. Hitler was able to persuade one of the most advanced and best educated nations in Europe to hate some its most loyal and productive citizens, so why is it so difficult to evoke similar revulsion against Islamists who are really doing far worse deeds than those of which the Nazis falsely accused the Jews? (Arutz Sheva, October 25, 2015.)
It is sad to see a man recommend people study Mein Kampf in order to imitate Hitler's propaganda practices. I cannot understand how one could recommend a book written by a terrible man who did so many evil deeds in such a 'neutral' way. I fear for anyone who takes such advice to heart. No good can come from such advice.

Earlier in this article the writer said that if a religion is used to promote violence it should be viewed as "a disease and a cancer to be eradicated through all appropriate methods." Crude inflammatory talk like this will prevent Israelis and Palestinians alike from ever living in peace.
Militant Islamists have declared open war on the entire civilized world, which gives us both the right and the duty to destroy their entire ideology and, if Islam cannot reform itself, the entire Islamic religion. The instant you (the Islamist) use your Koran, your prophet, and your deity to menace us with physical harm and/or violation of our human rights, the inherent right of self-defense entitles us to destroy all three. ...
The bottom line is that, when somebody uses a religion to foment violence, it loses all of the social and legal protections that civilized people give to religions, and becomes instead a disease and a cancer to be eradicated through all appropriate methods. These include psychological warfare during peacetime, and virtually unrestricted violence in wartime. (Arutz Sheva, October 25, 2015.)
Talk like this will get us nowhere. It would be more profitable to understand each movement and faction under consideration individually instead of blaming the Islamic religion collectively. Each movement and organization must be assessed and responded to individually.


Some have said that Israeli society can be divided into four groups, secular Israeli Jews, national religious Israeli Jews, ultra-Orthodox and Israeli Arabs. Arutz Sheva caters for the national religious Israeli Jews.

Several COGs such as PCG, UCG, LCG and RCG have quoted Arutz Sheva without ever presenting any criticism about this media outlet. They all seem to trust a media outlet that could publish an article like this.

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