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PCG's Ron Fraser Discussing the Feast

Because it is now the Feast of Tabernacles PCG's website now have some articles discussing the Feast. Here is one such article by the late Ron Fraser ("Spread True Joy at This Feast," September 2007).

(For this post I have taken the liberty of explaining the PCG jargon within this article.)
The Feast of Tabernacles offers God’s people [PCG members] a unique opportunity to express the JOY of God’s way of life [adhering to PCG's dogmas]!
PCG members are not "God's people" to the exclusion of all others. This is snobbish elitism.
In our experiencing of that special joy that this festival season brings, we ought to be mindful of our need to express that joy to others.
And to think that PCG so often boast that refusing to celebrate Christmas is a sign of righteousness. But here is Fraser celebrating a festival like Christmas. 
It is love that yields true joy. It is the possession of God’s love and His joy that brings perfect inner peace. The fruits of love, joy and peace yield a well-rounded converted personality [adhering to PCG's dogmas] that is attuned to the further expression of those other fruits of God’s Holy Spirit—patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. The fruits of the Holy Spirit are simply the results, the very fruits, of willing submission to God’s law of love! [Obeying what PCG's leaders says.]
 Love is redefined as obeying PCG. Inner peace portrayed as being created by following PCG's many rules.
Rejoice before God in prayer, in song, in true worship and joyful fellowship each day of the Feast in an expression of the deepest gratitude for the wonder of revelation [Gerald Flurry's "new revelation"] that He continues to give to His inner court remnant [PCG ministers and members] ....
Since PCG's founding Gerald Flurry has claimed that God delivers "new revelation" to him. The act of receiving "new revelation" is presented to PCG members as proof that God is with Gerald Flurry alone.

Fraser constantly insists that the feast sites have been specially chosen by PCG's God.
God’s specially selected Feast sites around the world...

express our deep and humble gratefulness to God for all He has done for us through the year to permit us to be at these specially selected locations ...

It is God Himself who selects these festival sites. He places His own name on those festival sites for a brief eight-day period when the surrounding community receives special blessings for reasons unbeknownst to them except for the fact that they are associated with an annual festival observed in that community by members of the Philadelphia Church of God.
God is not with PCG. The many failed prophecies of PCG (some made by Ron Fraser himself) prove that God is not with PCG. It was PCG's leaders who decided where to celebrate it.

Also Fraser ignores the fact that the other COGs celebrate this same feast.
With the extra-sharp perspective that God’s end-time, last-hour Church has on time, we can certainly rejoice to God in our festive prayers for His graciousness in granting us all such wonderful insight into the prophecies about the events that are literally occurring—prophesied so long ago—but being fulfilled, at this very moment, NOW!
Back in May 2001 Gerald Flurry proclaimed in a sermon that it was now the "last hour" and that the Great Tribulation would soon occur. Fourteen years into this "last hour" we are still waiting for these dire prophecies to be fulfilled.
Being privileged to raise three offspring in the Church [Fraser means Radio/WCG before December 1989 and PCG afterwards] from birth, I have witnessed the power of God’s truth fixing the Feast of Tabernacles within the minds of those three as the most memorable occasion of the year.... Decades of festival memories have built up in their minds to reinforce their own efforts now in teaching a third generation (our seven grandchildren) these wondrous truths—to teach the true joys of God’s great Feast of Tabernacles! Seeing the wonder of God’s truth passed from generation to generation within one’s own family brings unsurpassed joy in itself.
So Fraser states how happy he is to see all his children and grandchildren attending PCG's Feast. How are the many PCG members who happen to have children who are not in PCG or who are married to non-members supposed to feel about Fraser's boasting? Are they but lesser members?

Also what are PCG members supposed to do when one of their children should end up leaving PCG or get kicked out of it by minister abusing his power? Real life is so complicated and messy. Simple chance dictates that such things are bound to occur. What are PCG members supposed to do? There is no acknowledgement about these things. 
The public relations benefit that comes from a group of happy, smiling, truly JOYFUL people for this period can hardly be overestimated.... The Feast of Tabernacles is a prime opportunity for us all to be a positive witness to the surrounding community of pure religion [PCG's religion] practiced by God’s own Church [PCG]. Here is the opportunity for us all to truly let our lights shine, to savor the surrounding community with the salt of God’s character [as defined by PCG] as expressed by His people [PCG members] through the power of His Holy Spirit [which PCG teaches is a force not a Person] in action!
What does Fraser mean here? That the real purpose of PCG members being happen at the Feast is to make PCG look good. That whatever joy PCG members happen to have is just a means to an end?

And if PCG's leadership would like people to note notice the problems within PCG, (such as its no contact policy which orders PCG members to shun the members of the other COG groups, deaths exacerbated by HWA's anti-medicine superstition and PCG members going without because of the three tithes they are ordered to pay to PCG) maybe the PCG leadership should address the problems with PCG instead of trying to hope that the sight of PCG members enjoying themselves at the Feast will distract people from the problems within PCG.

It is worth noting here that PCG and the other COG groups celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in an incorrect manner. As noted in a previous post the Jews celebrated this beautiful feast by making booths (sukkot) on their own property and celebrate it with their families and friends.

The Jews do not go to some far away place at the dictate of some religious leaders to attend some eight day indoctrination conference. Rather they celebrate it at home or with their families. It is a family celebration at home, not some indoctrination conference. It was HWA who perverted the Feast of Tabernacles into an eight day indoctrination conference. PCG and the other COG groups continue to perpetuate this man made tradition created by HWA.

God is not with PCG. There is no need for anyone to join PCG to be close to God.

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