Saturday, October 3, 2015

Intercontinental COG Member Mentioned in Report on Pro-Israel Individuals

Currently Alternet is running a series of articles about various pro-Israel individuals and organizations. In part 2 of 4 it discusses one Chloe Valdary, an African American member of the Intercontinental Church of God. She is the daughter of an Intercontinental COG minister, Max Valdary.

Intercontinental COG is described in the article as "a tiny denomination".
Chloe Valdary, an African-American Christian Zionist, has emerged as one of the most vehement -- and heavily promoted -- activists against Palestine solidarity on campus. ...
Valdary’s far right Zionism may be a product of her affiliation with the Intercontinental Church of God, a tiny denomination founded by the late TV evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong. Max Valdary, Chloe’s father, is a minister in the congregation. ...

Intercontinental Church of God congregants imitate aspects of traditional Jewish worship and adopt their own biblical-based vision of Jewish history that bears resemblance to fire and brimstone sermons. ...
For her part, Valdary observes the Hebrew calendar, including the Jewish Sabbath and Jewish holidays, within a distinctly Christian framework. (Max Blumenthal and Julia Carmel, "Flush With Cash, Right-Wing Extremists Train the Future Zealots of Pro-Israel Campus Activism," Alternet, October 2, 2015.)
I am surprised that there is no mention of British Israelism but this article is about politics rather than religion.

And luckily for Intercontinental COG there is no mention about how it was established after Garner Ted Armstrong was filmed on camera behaving in a shameful manner that caused him to be kicked out of Church of God International, the organization he had founded.

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