Saturday, October 3, 2015

PCG's Joel Hilliker Writing About the Feast

So it is now the Feast of Tabernacles so PCG's Joel Hilliker has written an article for PCG's youth about the Feast ("At This Feast—Taste the Good Life," October 1, 2015).

Hilliker recites the COG doctrine that the Feast pictures the Millennial rule of Christ after the second coming.
What the Feast pictures is so awesome! The problems in our world that are getting worse and worse are about to be solved and wiped out! This wonderful festival gives you an opportunity to see beyond those problems that saturate life around us—and to fire your imagination to see just how much better the world can be. It gives us all a foretaste of this fantastic future. At the Feast, we study the vision of that world to come, we talk about this vision, we rejoice in this vision.
But this interpretation is based on what HWA taught. HWA made many false predictions that did not come to pass, such as saying that Christ would return in 1975. They prove that God was never with HWA.

Also PCG have made many false prophecies. Those false prophecies also prove that God is not with PCG.

To say that the Feast of Tabernacles represents the millennium is a man made tradition that HWA concocted. It is not from the Bible.

Hilliker also exploits this article about the Feast to tell PCG's young to not argue with their parents.
Tomorrow’s streets aren’t congested with honking, exhaust-belch­ing vehicles—they’re filled with playing children!
 And notice: These young people respect their elders; there is no arguing or talking back.
Hilliker then says that teenagers in the Feast are to treat their elders as though they were God beings in the Millennium.
Now, think about this. God wants you teenagers to live this vision at the Feast. ...
By that I mean, God wants you to treat your parents—and all other adults—the way everyone will treat adults in the Millennium. In fact, He wants you to treat them the way people will treat God beings in the Millennium!

Does that sound crazy?
So adults are to be treated as though they were God beings during the Feast? Never heard that idea before.

Hilliker then makes a suggestion on what children should say to their mothers during the Feast.
Read verse 23 of Zechariah 8. In the Millennium, people will grab the clothing of anyone who knows God, and beg to learn the true way of how to live. They’ll say, “We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you”! God’s truth will be valued as the precious resource it is.

Try this with your parents a time or two at this Feast. Grab Mom by the skirt and say, “I will go with you, I’ve heard God is with you!” It might get a few chuckles—but it will also help you remember this prophecy that you’re going to witness will be fulfilled in just a few years.
Armstrongism has been insisting that the Great Tribulation will soon occur since the 1930s. This article continues that long habit of the COGs.

Hilliker then shares the following anecdote of what he did at the Feast while he was single.
Offer to babysit for someone with small children. When I was single, one thing I did every year at the Feast was organize a night off for parents. I’d get a handful of young adults to help and then offer to babysit several families’ children for an evening. We’d take the kids to the hotel pool, then move up to a couple of hotel rooms for a pizza party and some simple games. I’d always end the night with a game of “Silent Ball”—where we’d sit cross-legged in a circle, passing a ball around; if anyone made a bad throw, dropped a pass, or made even a peep, they were out of the game; the last one left won. When the parents walked in and their children were all gathered around in absolute silence, they were overjoyed!
And at the end Hillker mentions the second tithe that COG followers are ordered to save over the year and then spend it at the Feast.
At the Feast, thanks to the second tithe God commands us to save, we have the opportunity to know what it’s like to be a little rich. ... Soon all men will prosper as they obey the laws of God. This chapter goes on to explain that soon, the entire world will live the way of life we enjoy at the Feast of Tabernacles today!

You can experience this vision now by bringing it to life at the Feast! What a blessing. Make this Feast as much like the Millennium as you possibly can, and taste the good life!
The Jews celebrate the Feast in their homes. The Jews make booths on their property and celebrate the Feast there with family and friends. The Jews do not go away and uproot their normal lives to attend an eight day indoctrination conference to listen to religious leaders on those eight days.  

It was HWA who perverted the beautiful Feast of Tabernacles into an eight day indoctrination conference designed to make people more intensely loyal to his following. The COGs, including PCG, continue to follow HWA's man made tradition which is so disruptive in the lives of COG members and a severe drain on their resources.

HWA's Feasts are a man made tradition that HWA made. They do not prove that one is a true Christian.

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  1. It's worse than that: Herbert Armstrong turned the Feast of Tabernacles into a full fledged celebration of alcoholism.

    It's little wonder it was called the Feast of Booze.