Friday, October 16, 2015

For PCG Israeli Jews Matter, Palestinians Do Not

For centuries now many in the United States have had to confront the problem of racism. In times past white supremacy was used to demonize and marginalize Jews in America. In 1913 one American Jew, Leo Frank, was lynched to death. He was murdered by racists. A victim of white supremacy.

Over time through trials and tribulations the problem of racism has abated although there are still many problems. But PCG, instead of recognizing that white supremacy is wrong, merely altered white supremacy by projecting their own white identity onto Jews using the false dogma of British Israelism.

British Israelism is false. has shown how British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism

But because PCG assumes that Jews are white like themselves this dictates that the State of Israel must be supported for racial reasons. PCG supports the State of Israel not because they are right but because they are white.

(How Israeli Jews view themselves is not relevant for PCG.)

PCG excludes Palestinians from any white identity. British Israelism assumes that Palestinians are not white. Therefore Palestinians are unimportant to PCG. They are aliens outside of "the (white) Israelite nations" of the United States, Britain and the State of Israel. But if any Palestinian commits an act of violence against Israelis it condemned, not because it is violent but because it is against whites.

But if an Israeli Jew should commit an act of violence against any Palestinian it is ignored or justified by blaming the Palestinian. Violence against Palestinians does not threaten PCG's version of white supremacy so PCG is blind to it. Such violence is not against whites therefore it is ignored.

Since a previous post was written PCG has now discussed the violence that is currently afflicting the Holy Land. In an utterly predictable way the only victims for PCG are Israeli Jews. The pain and sufferings of Palestinians are ignored because they are not white.
'Jewish lives matter.’ That was one Israeli commentator's response to the wave of terrorist attacks that have swept across Israel over the past two weeks. However, most of the Western media is silent about these attacks. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry shows why there is so much hatred toward the Jews. (PCG source.)
What about the Palestinians? Recently seven Palestinians of Gaza were shot to death by Israeli military personnel in a protest. In retaliation someone within Gaza launched a rocket towards Israel that failed to even injure anyone. Then the State of Israel sent a military plane to bomb a position in Gaza but this bombing killed a pregnant women and her three old daughter. Do their lives not matter to PCG?
Israelis are having to watch their backs thanks to a rash of knifings and small-scale terrorist attacks by Palestinians. (PCG source.)
What about the Palestinians? Palestinians have died in this terrible round of violence. Are they not suffering as well? PCG chooses to be selective in their sympathy for suffering based on the racist dogma of British Israelism. Oh the folly that British Israelism has wrought in PCG.
Over the past two weeks, seven Israelis have been murdered and many more have been injured in at least 26 terrorist attacks in Israel. In one particularly grueling attack captured by surveillance video on Tuesday, a Palestinian man rammed his car into Israelis waiting at a bus stop in Jerusalem. He then emerged from the wreckage brandishing a meat cleaver and started hacking at pedestrians. (Stephen Flurry, How the Jerusalem Awakening Is Prophesied to End, October 16, 2015.)
Of course this act of violence is terrible and awful. But the facts must be made known: PCG chooses to favor one side for racial reasons. And this particular act of violence is mentioned because it is against the side PCG favors.
State Department spokesman Mark Toner ... responded [to a reporter] saying, “[W]hat we’ve been very clear about saying is that we want to see both sides take affirmative steps, affirmative actions that reduce tensions in the region.” He then mentioned the horrific attacks against Israelis but added, “[W]e’ve seen also attacks on Palestinians, [investigations for which] remain ongoing.”

The attacks Toner referenced occurred “three or four weeks ago.” They supposedly legitimized a Palestinian “Day of Rage”—a day of killing Jews. Yet despite the facts on the ground, the United States kicked off another round of its moral equivalence game, with plenty of blame to pass around.

Matt Lee then asked what it was the United States expected from the Israelis to reduce the violence in Israel. Mark Toner said the Israelis should “[uphold] the status quo in Haram al-Sharif and [the] Temple Mount.” The problem with that statement is that it’s based on the lie that Arab propagandists have frequently repeated: “Dirty” Jews are secretly plotting to blow up mosques and desecrate Muslim holy sites. (Stephen Flurry, How the Jerusalem Awakening Is Prophesied to End, October 16, 2015.)
In this article Stephen Flurry makes no mention of the fact that some Palestinian Muslims were forbidden from entering Haram al-Sharif by Israeli personnel. This is a major reason why this round of violence has erupted. Instead of letting all Palestinian Muslims enter this important place freely some were forced to stay out. And further inflaming matters at the same time the Israeli authorities allowed some Israeli Jews to enter while keeping some Palestinians Muslims out. These facts are ignored by PCG.

Imagine if police forced WCG members of a certain age not to enter Ambassador College. Imagine the humiliation of not being enter a campus of one's own religious group by order of the authorities. That is the pain and humiliation some Palestinian Muslims have been forced to endure. But PCG chooses to ignore these pertinent facts.

It also needs to be stated that in recent weeks mobs of far right Israelis have been assembling themselves and intimidating Palestinians shouting "Death to Arabs" and "May your villages burn" as one YNet News reporter witnessed first hand as mentioned in an October 11, 2015 article.

Apparently it was in front of one such mob that a nineteen year old Palestinian man was shot to death in front of a mob that appears to have incited the police officer to use violence when he was not a threat.
Last Saturday an Israeli policeman shot and killed Fadi Alloun, a 19-year-old resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, after he was suspected of stabbing a 15-year-old Israeli near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate.
A video that went viral following the incident shows young Jewish Israelis egging on the policemen to kill Alloun, despite the fact that it is unclear from the video whether he posed a threat when an officer shot him numerous times. (New video shows accused stabber posed no threat when shot, +972 Magazine, October 10, 2015.)
We need to be aware of what is happening. PCG fails to properly inform their readers by ignoring this situation.

It is wrong for PCG to use racist reasons to support the State of Israel. PCG uses an altered form of the same ideology that justified the malicious lynching of Leo Frank to support the State of Israel, namely white supremacy. The rationale behind PCG's pro-Israel stance is racist. PCG's supports the State of Israel for the wrong reasons.


  1. It is a war mentality. Recruits into the military in all of our wars have been programmed to dehumanize and hate the enemy. Then when the war is over, the enemy's culture and contributions are gradually brought back into the realm of acceptability. PCG is behaving as if they are participants in the final war leading to the apocalypse, as opposed to the preferred Christian tradition of being impartial ambassadors from an uninvolved third party kingdom. They are taking sides, rather than being concerned that any human life would be lost in their imaginary calamity.

    HWA was able to exploit calamity to the benefit and. growth of his own evangelistic efforts. These people are imitating, but not succeeding at this.


  2. Never quite looked at it that way before. PCG, because of their false prophecies, view themselves as being in a permanent state of war. Hence PCG's one sided view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hence their hostility towards so many peoples they do not favor (Germans, Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, left wing Israelis like Shimon Peres, American leftists, etc.)