Friday, October 16, 2015

Stephen Flurry: "We Are Not Here Making Predictions By Any Means"

While fear mongering about Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and leftists in general it so happens that Stephen Flurry makes the following astounding statement.
I mean we are not here making predictions by any means but we're certainly here to help you follow the trends, to watch your world, to look at where our nations are headed. (Stephen Flurry, Britain's Lurch to the Left, Trumpet Daily, September 18, 2015, 3 minutes.)
What a bizarre thing to say especially from a leader of a group that constantly claims to understand prophecy. So many of their booklets and their articles have the word "prophecy" in their titles.  

And these prophecies constantly fail. PCG have made many false predictions over the years.

Armstrongism has constantly boasted of being able to predict the future. And yet Stephen Flurry minimizes this in such a clumsy and boldly brazen manner.

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