Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How Palestinians View Al Aqsa

From Haaretz:
More importantly, since the unification of Jerusalem in 1967, the Mount has become the clearest symbol of not only Palestinian nationalism, but also of the ability to shake off the occupation.

Sometimes the Palestinians will speak of the Mount as their precious lamb, their prized possession, the only place between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea where the occupation is limited and the Palestinians are free in spirit. This is also the explanation for the soccer games occasionally held at the site that drive the Jewish Temple Mount activists crazy. They see them as sacrilege.

That’s why the right’s desire to change the status quo on the Mount is not just seen as an assault on a holy site of Islam and the Palestinian and Arab national symbol. It’s almost seen as a personal injustice.
How dare the COGs make irresponsible speculations concerning what will happen there considering how inflammatory such talk is.

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