Wednesday, October 28, 2015

PCG and the Death of Freddie Grey

What terrible news.
WJZ has confirmed with multiple sources that Gloria Darden, the mother of Freddie Gray, tried to take her own life late Wednesday night.
The call came in around 9:35 p.m. Wednesday for a person needing medical attention in North Baltimore.
Sources tell WJZ that’s where Gloria Darden, the mother of Freddie Gray, attempted suicide and sustained superficial wounds. (CBS Baltimore.)
How terrible. I wish her well and hope she gets the help she needs. May justice prevail regarding this case.

At this point it might be good to remember what PCG has said about the tragic death of Freddie Gray.

When the riots following Freddie Gray's terrible death occurred soon afterwards PCG chose to respond to this crisis by placing a photo of the riot on their recruitment magazine with the following caption.
A car burns in Baltimore on April 27 during riots that broke out after the funeral of a drug dealer who died of injuries inflicted while in police custody. (The Philadelphia Trumpet, July 2015.)
After this issue was published Stephen Flurry cited some news article that denigrated the late Freddie Gray in a Trumpet Daily episode.
Stephen Flurry has made a Trumpet Daily episode along the same lines. In it he cites some news article accusing the late Freddie Gray of previously injuring himself to win lawsuits. This assertion is presented by PCG to minimize the severity of the fact that an American had lost his life while in police custody and to insinuate that he who died was responsible for his own death.
Considering the latest news regarding this continuing tragedy how dare PCG should denigrate an American who suffered violence and died for it. It is shameful how PCG reacted to this terrible event.

For anyone who wants to read about suicide I would suggest the following:

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