Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saudi Arabia Spends 700% More on Its Military Than Iran

In all the many times PCG scare mongers about Iran it is quite likely that those under PCG's influence will be unaware that near Iran lies a nation state which last year happens to have spent 700% more on its military than Iran does and is at present quite hostile towards Iran. This nation state is Saudi Arabia.
It is worth noting that in 2014 Saudi Arabia spent $81 billion on its military, as much as Russia, and its purchase of more than $6 billion in military hardware makes it the world's largest importer of arms; the [United Arab Emirates] spent $23 billion more. ... [Iran's] defense budget is only around $10 billion. (Jeff Halper, War Against the People, 2015, Chapter 1.)
The world sure look different outside PCG's information bubble.

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