Sunday, October 25, 2015

Peace Rally in Tel Aviv

Last Saturday thousands of protesters marched in Tel Aviv to call for peace.
The protesters marched from Rabin Square to Hakirya defense compound, chanting slogans like "Two capitals in Jerusalem" and "No closure or checkpoints – only peace is a solution." They carried signs reading "Intifada government, go home" and "Managing the conflict is killing us."

MKs from the left-wing Meretz party marched at head of the rally, accompanied by security guards. Party leader Zehava Galon addressed the crowd. "Bibi, you've failed. You've failed in providing personal security for the citizens of Israel, you've failed in proposing any kind of vision for changing the reality," he said. "The only thing the Netanyahu government has to offer is for us to arm ourselves, pop anyone who looks like a terrorist in the head. This government is calling for a boycott on Israel's Arab citizens, is allowing people to kill and agitating against members of the Left," she said. "I'm telling you Bibi – when blood is spilled here in the name of the Holocaust, the finger won't be pointed at the Mufti, it will be pointed at you," she added. (Ilan Lior, Thousands Call for Peace Talks at Tel Aviv Rally, Haaretz, October 24, 2015.)
Activist group Peace Now -- which organised the rally along with the left-wing Meretz party and others -- estimated there were some 6,000 people attending.
Daniel Dojon told AFP he came "because the situation is crazy. I am not talking about safety but the lack of (political) progress, the lack of hope. Israeli politicians are becoming more and more extreme."

Another protester, who identified himself only as Zeev, 67, blamed the lack of a peace process for the current violence.

"It will further deteriorate if we think that being passive is the answer." (AFP, Thousands of Israelis rally for peace talks with Palestinians, Daily Mail, October 24, 2015., )
May their dream of peace soon come true.

The COGs lean to the right in politically speaking. The COGs teach that there will be no peace in the Holy Land until Christ returns. It is quite unlikely the leaders of the COGs will inform their followers of such events as this.

The peoples of the Holy Land, Israelis and Palestinians, deserve to live in peace and safety.

The current terrible wave of violence which has killed about fifty Palestinians and nine Israelis just this month alone is a symptom of the severe political crisis. It is a political problem. To have peace there must be a political settlement that will let all live in peace.

The State of Israel is more powerful than any Palestinian faction and thus has more options to calm the situation than any other political force within the Holy Land. The Israeli government have more options then anyone else in the Holy Land. They need to start exploring other political options to, not manage, but solve this severe political crisis.

We cannot wait till Christ returns as HWA and his imitators teach. We need peace now.

May peace soon come to the Holy Land.

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