Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nine Palestinians in Gaza Killed

It is so terrible what has been happening in the Holy Land recently. Seven Palestinians in Gaza were shot to death while holding a protest near the barrier separating them from the State of Israel. Following this mass loss of life someone in Gaza launched rockets. After this Israeli forces launched a bombing run at Gaza which led to the death of two Palestinians, a pregnant mother and her three year old daughter.

And now there has been another stabbing against Israelis. Will there be more violence in response? I dearly hope not.

How dare anyone within the COGs should look at these acts of violence and think the end is near. How dare anyone in the COGs get excited that what they believe will soon occur. These are human beings. They have families and friends and hopes and dreams like anyone else.

We need peace in the Holy Land now. We cannot wait for Christ to return. We need peace now.

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