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Reading PCG's Article, America's Forecast: Unnatural Disasters (1997)

The August 1997 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine contained an article by the late Ron Fraser ("America's Forecast: Unnatural Disasters") insisting that various weather disasters are a sign that PCG's God is angry at America and is punishing America for, among other things, not worshiping on Saturday. There is also no mention of climate change.

Let us see what Fraser has to say.

In this article Fraser fear mongers that the various weather disasters will make America experience famine. That has not happened.

He fear mongers about weather related trials back in the 1980s.
Something unprecedented in the documented history of America is happening to this nation’s weather. WHY? (p. 2.)
Maybe this is the part Fraser talks about the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that so many scientists inform us causes global warming and disrupts the Earth's natural conditions? Fraser never talks about climate change in this article.

Then Fraser brings up PCG's false teaching of British Israelism.
Just as America, biblical Manasseh, is being so powerfully cursed by extreme weather disasters, so are her brother Israelitish nations! Brother Ephraim to her north, modern-day Canada, suffered significantly from the final blow delivered by the record-breaking floods which swept through her borders in the fateful month of April 1997. (p. 2.)
British Israelism is nonsense. has shown how British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.
In our rankly materialist society, scientists search for answers. They postulate various theories for the state of the weather—but they leave out the most important, controlling influence in all of their theories. WHY? Because knowledge of the controlling influence on our weather must be revealed spiritually! It can only come by revelation from our Creator God! God simply declares to man, “[A]ll the earth is mine”! (Exodus 19:5). He made this declaration to the house of Israel, His chosen nation in the wilderness of Sinai, after they had fled Egypt. At this point in their history as His chosen nation, God said to them, “Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a [special] treasure unto me above all people.”

America is the Manasseh of your Bible! Manasseh is one of the chief tribes of Israel. God has not forgotten America. He is very conscious of our present immoral, sinful state. HE IS CONCERNED! Especially for the house of Israel, His own chosen nation—and most especially for His own chosen spiritual nation, the Church of God! (p. 3.)
God is more concerned about the one true church and not you. This is rank elitism. So often the COGs insist that British Israelism is not racist but look at how Fraser uses British Israelism to insist that (PCG's perverted version of) God is more concerned for America then supposedly non-Israelite peoples. British Israelism is racist.

Fraser then insists that the weather is controlled by God.
God causes it to flood on one city while another is in the midst of drought. But God knows human nature! Even under the strongest curses, we still have not returned to our God! We sink deeper and deeper into gross national and personal sins and peddle our immoral, depraved ways via film, music, magazine and television to the whole world! Shame! What great shame is upon this nation! (p. 4.)
Fraser vilifies the surrounding society in order to make his PCG appear to be the only safe place for one to be in.
God has given us one of the most choice spots on the Earth. He has given to us, liberally, manifold physical blessings such as most of the world longs for. Yet, we have raped our environment through godless monoculture on a massive scale, poisoned our food and water with body-and mind-destroying chemicals, polluted our air and created a huge high-cost medical-pharmaceutical-hospital industry to busily try to treat the massive life-destroying sicknesses and diseases of mind and body which our so-called “culture” has generated! (p. 4.)
This sounds very similar to Fraser's nonsensical words insisting that sexual promiscuity gave birth to HIV/AIDS.

Fraser then points to PCG's idol, the false prophet of 1975, Herbert Armstrong.
These are times of great change. After Herbert Armstrong died, the Church which Jesus Christ raised up through him ceased to prophesy—ceased to warn! The magazine which God founded through Herbert Armstrong, which he published for over 51 years and gave to multiple millions, free of charge, no longer carries his name. The 50th anniversary edition of that magazine, before Mr. Armstrong’s death, carried an article showing the reason for chaotic weather. The writer knew then why Mr. Armstrong was called in a time of great weather upset in America. (p. 4.) 
Fraser then cites an article by Donald Schroeder (who is left unnamed) to link the establishment of HWA's recruitment magazine with weather disasters. Schroeder never joined PCG. Instead he moved to UCG and later Pack's RCG.

Fraser then claims that British Israelism promises that America would have prosperous weather.
Prosper, here, is from the original Greek meaning literally to be successful! America is of the house of Israel. Israel was promised blessings of well-balanced climate, conducive to an abundant agrarian economy, if it obeyed God! (p. 5.)
It is elsewhere taught by PCG (and the other COG groups as well) that if one tithes to the COG group that he or she will prosper. Tragically many people have discovered the hard way that this promise by the COGs will not be fulfilled.

Fraser then uses the Bible incorrectly to fear monger that Americans must worship on the Sabbath or else be taken captive into exile.
Yet, notice that these promises were conditional! Conditional upon obedience to, in particular, two principle tenets of God’s law. ... Israel was to completely refrain from idolatry and to worship the one true God! ... The people of Israel were to observe God’s sacred, seventh-day Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11). America has failed abysmally on both counts! That is why it now reaps the whirlwind of great, cataclysmic, weather disasters! (p. 5.)
America is not descended from Israel. This idea is nonsense and has helped lead Fraser into promoting false fear inducing doctrines. This is misinformation that will do no good for the Americans Fraser claims to be helping with this false message of fear. Actually this is a terrible perversion of the Sabbath using it as tool to condemn America and to recruit more members for PCG.
We need as never before to heed the words of Herbert Armstrong and blow the dust off our Bibles and search and see and prove why this great land is becoming America the cursed! (p. 5.)
These words prove that Fraser is directing his article at people who are only superficially aware of the Bible. People who are vulnerable to being misinformed. He is not looking to convert people who are staunchly aware of what is written in the Bible, but for people who are uncertain about it.

Fraser is looking for people who are unable to rebut his flawed ideas. He is looking for people unaware of the fact that British Israelism is nonsense. As has shown British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.
Following this great famine, what is left of America’s population will be taken into slavery by a foreign power. (p. 5.)
PCG teaches that a future European Empire will do this and conquer America and take Americans captive as slaves. They have taught this since the 1930s. This prophecy has never happened. And it never will.

It is often said that Gerald Flurry proclaimed himself to be "That Prophet" in 1999. However Fraser's article indicates that even as early as 1997 PCG proclaimed their leader, Gerald Flurry, to be a prophet. The highlighted words below seem to refer to Gerald Flurry.
God is trumpeting His end-time warning message to this world through His end-time prophet, literally fulfilling His prophecy in Isaiah .... If you heed the words of God’s present-day prophet and turn to God now, you will receive relief from His curses. He will forgive upon repentance and show you how to fill your life with blessings! Read Gerald Flurry’s words from that 1993 Trumpet —and respond! (p. 6.)
Of course Gerald Flurry is no prophet. He has made many false predictions over the years. God is not with PCG. Those who join PCG will not gain God's favor but instead pay three tithes to PCG. That is how PCG got about $19.5 million in 2012.

And Fraser ends the article with a quote from Gerald Flurry. But since they are not Fraser's words they will not be quoted here. This is similar to how Ron Fraser ended his 1997 booklet South Africa in Prophecy with a quote from HWA. It is a sign of Fraser acknowledging Gerald Flurry's leadership over him.

And in all that article there is no mention of the problem of climate change caused by excess carbon dioxide emissions. That problem is ignored in order to exploit weather related disasters to blame these weather disasters on Americans not doing what PCG says.

And so we see that Fraser's article is yet another fear mongering article insisting that disaster will soon fall upon America. And eighteen years later no such thing has occurred for PCG are but false prophets.

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