Friday, October 16, 2015

PCG Moaning About Jeremy Corbyn

PCG is right wing. (Although PCG sometimes professes otherwise.) So PCG tends to be hostile and negative towards leftists.

So naturally when Jeremy Corbyn was elected the new leader of the Labour Party PCG condemned this.
The election of Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of Britain’s Labor Party is viewed by many as nothing short of a joke. Those on the right look at it as a political gift, essentially guaranteeing their side will win the next election. Yet in the last election, Britain’s Conservative Party won a majority by just a few seats. How quickly could a shift occur in Britain’s government? And what does it say about Britain today when the majority of its second-largest political party votes in a man with a reputation like Jeremy Corbyn’s? Listen to Stephen Flurry discuss Britain’s sharp left turn on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show. (Stephen Flurry, Britain's Lurch to the Left, Trumpet Daily, September 18, 2015.)
Instead of just being direct and saying, We at PCG are right wing. Corbyn is left wing. So we oppose him for that. Instead in McCarthyist fashion Corbyn is vilified as essentially a traitor.

He is accused of having "dangerous views" and "radical extremist views". Stephen Flurry tells his listeners that Corbyn views America as the moral equivalent of ISIL and is openly sympathetic towards Hamas and Hezbollah. All this may be heard within the first four minutes.

Ten minutes into the broadcast Corbyn is accused of not singing the British national anthem.

Actually PCG would never accept anyone from the left because PCG is so far to the right in regards to politics. These alleged views are not the real reason PCG opposes Corbyn. They do not approve of Corbyn because he is left wing.

Instead of trying to understand why the members of the Labour Party elected Corbyn he is vilified in such a wild manner.

A major reason why Labour has moved to the left and elected Corbyn is because of the austerity policies pursued by the current Conservative government in Britain. The Conservative government failing to help those in need by pursuing austerity led to Corbyn's election as leader of the Labour Party. In all the twenty minutes Stephen Flurry uses to condemn Corbyn in this broadcast this aspect of Corbyn's rise is never discussed or taken into account. PCG favors the right so PCG is blind to how the right unintentionally contributed to Corbyn's rise.

The left is alien to PCG. The PCG leadership spends no time in trying to understand those not like themselves. So when events like this happen because PCG do not understand it they portray it in such a terrifying way because they do not try to understand them.

If Corbyn is so bad as PCG alleges the British people will deal with him in due time. Why can't PCG trust the British people they claim to love so much?


  1. Traditionally, liberals and conservatives have been the guy wires that hold the pole up straight. They represent the different interests which opposing groups with opposing views and needs have for government. Compromise between opposing forces have made it so that we can continue to move forward. When conditions seem to be out of balance, the voices from one side become louder than from the other.

    Mathematic probability proves that one side can never be 100% right 100% of the time. But, the de facto gospel message of PCG and the ACOGs attempts to ignore and defy this.


  2. So true. Their hubris has made them fail to see that one side cannot be right all the time.