Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PCG Member Says Israeli Jews Often Talk About Religion

From an article by PCG encouraging PCG members to talk about their religion if the need arises.
[When] coming to America for college in 2010 [it] was such a strange phenomenon for me [that religion was often discussed]. Every man and his dog there seem to freely discuss religion! It is a point of pride for many Americans—and it is refreshing. ...

If I thought Americans were eager to talk about religion, wow, the Israelis took it to a whole new level. It seemed that, when I went to the Jerusalem excavation in 2012, the main topic of conversation between us and the Jews—if not the only topic of conversation—was religion. The diggers were keenly interested in our beliefs and wanted to learn more about these Sabbath keepers who call themselves Christians. So we really had to be on the ball to answer their questions. These people were actually interested in my beliefs—not just questioning me in order to gossip to the next person. I had to be more ready than ever before to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you. (Christopher Eames, Ready to Answer, November 24, 2015.)
Is this a sign that PCG are trying to convert Israeli Jews? Based on what is said in the article that seems somewhat unlikely. But I certainly hope that is not happening since PCG has had enough problems among themselves and those associated with them already. The world does not need more problems to deal with.

It should be made known that most Israeli Jews happen to be Jewish. Judaism is not Armstrongism.

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