Monday, September 19, 2016

Kentucky Governor Muses of Blood Being Shed to Overthrow a Clinton Presidency

Back in March PCG's Joel Hilliker tried to make his readers more fearful of Black Lives Matter protesters by citing a quite headed but marginal article calling for a new Constitution. But the author of that article was a student in California, a state that already leans toward the Democratic Party anyway and he does not hold any public office.

At the Values Voters Summit that occurred recently Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin mused that blood would be shed, seemingly in order to overthrow a Clinton presidency.
Somebody asked me yesterday, I did an interview and they said, “Do you think it’s possible, if Hillary Clinton were to win the election, do you think it’s possible that we’ll be able to survive? That we would ever be able to recover as a nation? And while there are people who have stood on this stage and said we would not, I would beg to differ. But I will tell you this: I do think it would be possible, but at what price? At what price? The roots of the tree of liberty are watered by what? The blood, of who? The tyrants to be sure, but who else? The patriots. Whose blood will be shed? It may be that of those in this room. It might be that of our children and grandchildren. I have nine children. It breaks my heart to think that it might be their blood that is needed to redeem something, to reclaim something, that we through our apathy and our indifference have given away.
These inflammatory words were reported on by Right Wing Watch, a blog affiliated with People For the American Way and, according to The Washington Post, these inflammatory words gradually gained increased attention. Lexington Herald LeaderHuffington PostWashington Post, Vox and other media outlets have reported on this matter.

While there seems to be an audience within the COGs that can be made fearful over what a student in California may happen to say what about the inflammatory words of the governor of Kentucky? Do they fear these words? If not then why are such troubling words ignored by them?

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