Saturday, September 3, 2016

PCG's Self-Serving Demonization of Iran Continues

PCG continuous with their demonization of Iran as may be seen with their recent broadcasts. Many of people are greatly concerned about the countless atrocities and horrors committed by the usurping terrorists and murderers of ISIL. But PCG's 1% tend to squirm that people are focused on them and not Iran. Back in 1994 Gerald Flurry proclaimed Iran to be the King of the South. PCG's leaders demonize Iran in order to "prove" that Gerald Flurry is guided by God. Also making PCG members fearful of Iran has the effect of distracting them from the problems among themselves. Not least of which is a hardening of PCG's infamous no contact rule.

PCG's leaders continue their demonization of Iran. They seem much more enthusiastic in propping up their leader by demonizing Iran instead of condemning the many atrocities of the usurper terrorists of ISIL.

On August 19 Stephen Flurry made a broadcast denouncing a payment of $400 million to Iran as a ransom to regain four Americans imprisoned by Iran.
Since the beginning of this year, the Obama administration has said that the transfer of $400 million to Iran and the return of United States prisoners in Iran on the same day were unrelated issues. President Barack Obama and his staff stressed that the U.S. does not pay ransom. He even said the idea that it was a ransom was “the manufacturing of outrage” by those opposed to the administration. This week, however, the U.S. State Department admitted the two actions were related and that it was—though still refusing to call it as such—a ransom.
On August 24 Stephen Flurry made a broadcast discussing the State Department's warning about Americans traveling to Iran.
This week, the United States State Department issued a travel advisory for Americans traveling to Iran, warning that Americans could potentially become hostages. Why would a radical Islamist regime like Iran take American hostages? The U.S., after all, doesn’t pay ransom for hostages. Or does it?
On August 25 Stephen Flurry denounced the Obama Administration for not trying to implement some form of regime change during the mass protests of 2009. PCG has a long history of yearning for war with Iran.
In 2009, hundreds of thousands of Iranians protested against their nation’s government over a rigged presidential election. It was a golden opportunity for the newly elected President Barack Obama to denounce the anti-American leadership in Iran and promote a regime change. However, President Obama didn’t just ignore the crisis in Iran, he trusted the government of Iran to handle it and told members of his administration to stop backing leaders of the protests. Why didn’t the president intervene in Iran, like he did years later in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya?
On August 26 The Trumpet Hour also denounced the Obama Administration for not implementing regime change during the mass protests of 2009.
More revelations have emerged of America’s deal with Iran—reports that President Obama ordered American forces not to back the 2009 Green Revolution—because he wanted to deal with the ayatollah.
On August 29 Stephen Flurry denounced the Obama Administration as liars regarding negotiations with Iran.
This week the New York Times ran an article titled “A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories.” The author runs through Russia’s tactic of formulating stories and disseminating lies in order to hide the truth and push its agenda. The New York Times was alarmed by what Russia was doing. However, a few months ago, it published a story about how the Obama administration manufactured a false narrative to force the Iran nuclear deal down America’s throat. In the Obama administration’s case, that tactic is viewed as acceptable and even innovative! Propaganda is becoming the norm in Western journalism. Where is this dangerous trend leading?
Trying "force the Iran nuclear deal down America’s throat"? How curiously homoerotic.

On September 2 The Trumpet Hour scare mongered about Iran yet again.
We’ll also talk about ... Iran launching a new armed force...
While it is perfectly rational to be concerned about tensions with Iran readers deserve to be aware of PCG's ulterior motive in demonizing Iran, namely to "prove" that (PCG's) God is with their leader, Gerald Flurry. But 52 false prophecies by PCG reveals otherwise.

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