Thursday, September 22, 2016 Mentions PCG's Unaccredited "College"

Time magazine recently made a list of the fifty best places to live in the United States. One entry was for Edmond, Oklahoma, the site of PCG's headquarters. It mentioned PCG's unaccredited college. The article does does not mention the $24 million Armstrong Auditorium,
Around town you’ll find almost two dozen recreational parks plus two other universities: Herbert W. Armstrong College and Oklahoma Christian University. (Time, Money, 50 Best Places to Live 2016, 48. Edmond, Oklahoma.)
No mention of the organization behind HWA College. No mention of the problems surrounding PCG. No mention that PCG's college is unaccredited.

Time magazine is overlooking a great story. A magnificent and wonderful story awaits any journalist willing to look just a little closer at the organization sponsoring the unaccredited Herbert W' Armstrong College, namely the organization that is named the Philadelphia Church of God which is led by one Gerald Flurry.  

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