Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mark Armstrong Vilifies Muslim Immigrants in Europe as a Plague

Haven't made a post on Mark Armstrong's weekly update since May 23 but Intercontinental COG's leader has lost none of his venomous, misanthropic invective as may be seen in his September 16, 2016 weekly update. This time he decides to moan about Muslim immigrants. This implies that immigrants are fine for him so long as they do not follow a particular religion he does not like. That is known as religious discrimination.

It is well known that many of the refugees going to Europe are fleeing the catastrophic war in Syria that has been raging since 2011 and which has killed so many people. Of course not all the refugees are from Syria but that cataclysmic war is a major factor in the current mass immigration into Europe. By complaining about Muslim immigrants instead of Syrians or any other specific nationality Mark Armstrong, intentionally or not, obscures their the connection with the war in Syria.

He complains about Muslim immigrants. Not terrorists. Not violent people. Not people of a particular ethnicity. Just people who happen to be Muslim.
In the United States, you either accept and embrace the president's importation and settlement of Muslim immigrants into the cities and towns of America or you're a bigoted xenophobe. Those who oppose the squalid influx in Europe are now reliably described by the liberal media there as neo-Nazis.
Discriminating against people just because they belong to a certain religion is illegal. It is not legally permissible for the United States to simply ban Muslims or other religious from entering the country. Embittering his followers at their presence in the country does nothing worthwhile and merely inflames tensions unnecessarily.

He gleefully denounces Chancellor Merkel for accepting refugees into Germany.
The identification of terror plots was a top priority for law enforcement long before the admission of a million some odd “refugees” from the Middle East and north Africa by the ever-so compassionate German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Despite the fact that she's defended the move and relentlessly tried to manipulate public opinion, what's transpired in the aftermath of her disastrous policies, supported by the “globalist” masters of the European Union, goes way beyond the “problems” European cities were already experiencing with lawless Muslim ghettos.  
Who are these "“globalist” masters of the European Union" he talks about?

Young Muslim men are vilified as taking advantage of charity before hiding into "sprawling Muslim ghettos" which he compares with a "plague".
Thousands of young Muslim men registered at asylum centers in Switzerland, many as “unaccompanied minors,” making them eligible for special financial benefits and treatment.  For weeks or months, they took advantage of food and shelter services offered them, often staffed by well-meaning volunteers, before disappearing completely.  They're somewhere in Europe, absorbed into the sprawling Muslim ghettos that plague nearly every big city or inhabiting one of the lawless camps like the “jungle” on the northern coast of France. 
Note how he view the mere presence of Muslims in these European cities as a "plague". This is very disturbing rhetoric. It is a terrible thing to talk about human beings as though they were a "plague".

Mark Armstrong then makes a wild and ridiculous accusation that the left are plotting to give themselves "over to Muslim cultural demands."
Obviously it would be, as the EU elite have put it, “giving in to right-wing sentiment” should the truth about the situation be reported in the mainstream press. There is every indication that Europe, at least the media and EU leadership, is giving itself over to Muslim cultural demands.  President Francois Holland has called for the creation of an “Islam of France” saying that there's no conflict between Islam and secularism. In Germany, television ads are running to encourage the wearing of burqas and headscarves.  They're beautiful!   And they might prevent a female from being attacked and raped, that's the subliminal message. 
It is a very common theme in right wing Islamophobia to link (stereotyped and vilified) Muslims with the left in order to discredit the both of them.

Talk like this seems designed to imply that Muslims are going to take over. This is a ridiculous claim.

He gleefully notes that Merkel's party did not do very well in the recent elections. He also resorts to red baiting by alleging that she is using "Marxists economic policies" to gain popular support.
So far, Angela Merkel and EU leadership with the media in tow seem to have a majority of public support in their “humanitarian treatment” of Muslim immigrants.  But that may be starting to crack.  The party of Angela Merkel just suffered a humiliating defeat in a district of formerly East Germany that knows her well.  A telling article in the American Thinker asks “Is Germany Lurching to the Far Right?”  It cites the dwindling chances of Mrs. Merkel being re-elected next year and shows that she is relying on Marxists economic policies to convince voters that there is enough wealth to support German social programs and take care of all the Muslim immigrants. 
But Mark Armstrong lives in the United States. Most of his followers are in the United States. So naturally his scare mongering of Muslim immigrants in Europe is to make his American followers scared and fearful. He scare mongers that Europe has already reached the point of no return making the acceptance of immigrants sound really scary.
We in the United States are lectured with similarly deceptive nonsense almost daily.  It is a deception that will become widely apparent only after the situation has deteriorated to the point of no return.  For Europe, with its millions of Muslims who have no intention or desire to assimilate, that point has been reached.   
Did he talk with any of these immigrants? How does he know what they intend? More ridiculous scare mongering.
The United States is headed rapidly in that direction thanks to a philosophy, taught in nearly every school and university, that our founders were slave owners and therefore ours is an unjust racist system that deserves to be overthrown and overrun. 
It never ceases to amaze me how he choose to throw so many different topics together almost (but not quite) like a word salad.

Also it is well known that Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. Mentioning that is a statement of fact, not a philosophy.

There is nothing wrong with addressing problems but he implies that people seeking to reform society to address problems of inequality afflicting African Americans and other ethnic minorities are somehow plotting to overthrow and overrun the United States. What a ridiculous thing to say about such reformers.

And so we see that Mark Armstrong's weekly updates have lost none of their rhetorical venom or chaotic shifting of topics. He continuously writes like this in his weekly updates.

Mark Armstrong's weekly updates are only available for a week.


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  1. Meanwhile, the KKK has been delivering bags of candy to lawns in towns and cities across the USA announcing that people can rest safely overnight because the KKK is watching over their neighborhoods. I've worried for years about some sort of backlash against the increase in Islamic peoples in the nations of the free world. There are many who love the people who assimilate into Western ways, but are suspicious and even paranoid regarding groups that won't. The terrorists are like the Arab version of the Mafia or triads. Some negative group that casts a pallor over the majority, with the majority constantly having to refute and defend against the stigma that follows their group around.

  2. Xenophobia sure is a scary thing.