Monday, September 5, 2016

More Fear Mongering From PCG

PCG continues propagating their "gospel" of fear.

PCG's Kieran Underwood has released an article that seems sympathetic towards the ban against so-called "burkinis" in some French cities. At first Underwood writes of this ban as something ridiculous but then he cites a post from Jihad Watch and give a long quotation to a man justifying the ban. At the end of the article the ban is presented as understandable after the recent terrorist attacks in France. Condemning the ban is denigrated as merely a "localized" view.

Jihad Watch is a blog founded by Robert Spencer and which is an integral part of what some have called the Islamophobia Network. Although Spencer has gained fame by denouncing Muslims he has no specialized academic training concerning Muslim history. He was actually trained in Catholic history.


PCG's Callum Wood has released an article once again scare mongering about Iran to prop up Gerald Flurry's 1994 proclamation that Iran is the King of the South, This time he talks about the establishment of a pro-Iran militia.


PCG's Joel Hilliker has showed the cover for the next issue of PCG's recruitment magazine. Astoundingly he appears to have been quite taken in by Andrew Müller's bizarre, paranoid, ahistorical nonsense about Communism being a plot to destroy the family. He wrote, "Oct. Trumpet to press! Fascinating cover story by [Andrew Müller]. Congrats to the staff on another successful issue!"


PCG's Jeremiah Jacques composed a racially charged and utterly unfunny "joke."
We're not supposed to say "black bear" anymore.... It's more polite to say African aBEARican.

On July 31 PCG released a five minute video scare mongering about various terrorist attacks in Europe. But they say Germany is the nation state destined to conquer the United States.

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  1. The public interest would be so much better served if the cover had "How the PCG is meddling with family".