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Like Dylann Roof PCG is Fixated on "Black on White Violence"

Following the racist terrorist attack in Charleston many wondered about Dylann Roof, he who has been apprehended for it. What motivated him?

Dylann Roof's Obsession with Black on White Violence

Shortly afterwards Dylann Roof's racist manifesto was publicized by the media. In this manifesto he revealed that it was a paranoia over an alleged wave of black on white violence that led him embracing white supremacy. He also accuses the media of somehow hiding this alleged wave of black on white violence from the (white) public. The fact that crime and violence affects everyone regardless of race seems to have escaped him.
The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up. I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right. But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words “black on White crime” into Google, and I have never been the same since that day. The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored? (Dylann Roof's Hate Manifesto.)
This accusation that there is a wave of black on white violence is commonly believed within the racist right. This disregards how crime and violence affects everyone regardless of race.
The issue of black on white crime is one of the most common white nationalist tropes. A quick look on any of the leading white nationalist websites and message boards indicates how popular this claim is on the radical right. Today, the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), the group Roof credited with introducing him to the white nationalist scene dedicates itself to educating whites on what it sees as an epidemic of black on white crime in the United States. The CCC website has been a touchstone for the radical right to get “educated” on this issue, with articles appearing on a daily basis reporting on “hate crimes” committed by African Americans on whites in the U.S. It appears this was the first stop for Roof on his dive down the white nationalist rabbit hole. (Hatewatch Staff, Dylann Roof’s Manifesto Is Fluent In White Nationalist Ideology, Hatewatch, June 21, 2015.)
So it would seem that a paranoid view regarding alleged wave of black on white violence was one the motivations that propelled Dylann Roof. He also viewed the mainstream media as hiding this alleged wave of black on white violence.

Like Dylann Roof PCG also has a history of promoting the idea that there is a wave of black on white violence that is hidden from view by the mainstream non-PCG media.

Dennis Leap's 2012 Article 

In May 2012 PCG's Dennis Leap claimed there was a wave of black on white violence. Note the manner in which acts of violence are explained racially. There is no attempt to find alternative explanations. Leap also insinuated that the news media was hiding this information from public knowledge. How similar this is to Dylann Roof's manifesto.
Episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people are happening, yet are not being reported by the news media.

In mid-April, two white reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were beaten by at least 30 blacks. Their wounds were so severe they had to take a week off work. However, the newspaper they worked for did not report the story until early May. Police officers called to the scene downplayed the beatings as “a simple assault.”

Similar attacks on whites have occurred in Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York and Washington. Both the authorities and the media have brushed these incidents aside as well. They do so by ignoring the race of the people involved, or claiming there was no racial motivation (even in cases where the attackers were spewing out anti-white statements), or simply failing to report the incidents altogether.

Why? Some thinkers believe that a race war is being censored to avoid white backlash. (Dennis Leap, Has a Race War Already Begun?, May 31, 2012.)
This is paranoid stuff. If one were to believe that the media is somehow hiding such a thing from him or her this would cause such a person to be deeply suspicious of fearful of the mainstream media. Such a person would then only listen to source he or she trusts.

By trying to discredit the mainstream media by accusing of hiding such a thing Leap is trying to make the reader dependent upon PCG for information and to ignore any information that should contradict this paranoid idea.

Joel Hilliker's 2012 Article

Shortly afterwards in July 2012 Joel Hilliker also presented this claim to his readers. Just like Leap he alleges that there is a wave of black on white violence. Like Leap he also presents this alleged wave of black on white violence as being suppressed by not just the mainstream media, but even law enforcement authorities and politicians. All this in described in an alarmist manner. How similar this is to Dylann Roof.
The trend of mobs of black youths committing crimes is growing. Authorities are helping no one by pretending it doesn’t exist.

It’s a disturbing video. A picture of brazen lawlessness—anarchy. A mob of perhaps 300 black youths besieging a Walmart, terrorizing staff and customers. It was filmed in Jacksonville, Florida, just a week and a half ago.

Such events have become common in America. In hundreds of incidents in cities and towns throughout the country, gangs of young people are coming together to commit random acts of terror—stealing, vandalizing, intimidating, assaulting, even raping and killing.

But if you watch the videos ... another commonality becomes unmistakably clear: These kids are almost all black. 
It’s the invisible fact. It’s missing from report after report on these incidents.
In fact, politicians, law enforcement officials and other authorities, reporters and media analysts do more than just ignore the racial component. Often they flatly deny it, even to the point of lying about it.
This is what makes the book White Girl Bleed a Lot, by award-winning author Colin Flaherty, such an astonishing read. It thoroughly documents what is nothing less than the modern rise of the race riot in America: dozens upon dozens of dozens of events with a clear racial component, many of them black-on-white or black-on-other-race assaults punctuated by blatantly racist hate speech. (Joel Hilliker, Ignoring the Race Riots Won’t Make Them Disappear, July 25, 2012.) 
Is Hilliker right to trust Colin Flaherty's book?
WorldNetDaily (WND) says it opposes racism in any form. That’s why the online publication has added a series of articles on “black mob violence” to its usual fare of antigovernment conspiracy theories, gay-bashing, anti-Muslim propaganda, and End Times prophecy.

The series, which began in mid-2012, is penned exclusively for WND by one Colin Flaherty, who according to an editor’s note posted at the top of his pieces, “has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse.” ...

Flaherty catalogues episodes of “black mob violence” with the obsessive care of a true connoisseur. Though he began by writing exclusively about black-on-white attacks, he has lately branched out into covering black-on-black violence, though he rarely bothers to note the race of the victim and always mentions that of the perpetrators.  (From Hatewatch, October 23, 2012.)
 Here is another critique of that book.
WND has continued to publish Flaherty's race-baiting articles, even as he places less emphasis on facts and more on keeping alive his dubious narrative that all blacks are mob-prone thugs. The fact that Flaherty completely ignores the fact that people of other races commit the very crimes he purports to be outraged about amply demonstrates this is all about race-baiting, not about the truth. (ConWebWatch, February 20, 2013.)
It would seem that Joel Hilliker's trust in this book is quite misplaced.

PCG's False Prophecy of "Race War"

It is also worth noting that PCG teaches that in the near future African Americans will launch a wave of "race riots" against the white majority. It is sometimes referred to as a "race war". This future mass riot by African Americans against the white majority is presented as somehow occurring everywhere in the United States all at once. Quite likely the reason this future "race war" is portrayed as happening everywhere at once is to scare you with this implanted phobia. It can't scare you if you think it will happen somewhere else. (See PCG's False Prophecy of "Race War".)

PCG and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

PCG's fixation on black on white violence is so deeply ingrained in their minds it can also be seen in how PCG's leaders discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Please note the following section merely describes how PCG views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I would not use this argument against others, not even the other related COG groups.)

Traditionally white supremacists have been quite hostile towards Jews. This is very different from the kind of white supremacy Dylann Roof subscribed to. Although curiously Dylann Roof said that Jews are white but he expressed hostility to their Jewish identity and accused them of inciting African Americans against whites.

However as noted in a previous post, because of PCG's inaccurate belief in British Israelism, PCG thinks the Israeli Jews are white like themselves. PCG's leaders have projected their whiteness onto the Israeli Jews.

Consequently when Israeli Jews are subjected to violence by Palestinians, as sadly happens from time to time, PCG views that as black on white violence. The sufferings of Israeli Jews are then exploited by PCG to promote PCG's false prophecies in order to bolster their claim to be the one true church.

Gerald Flurry's 2001 Article

Observe how Gerald Flurry describes the murder of two Israeli boys in 2001 during the height of the second intifada.
Some murders are much more revealing than others.

Two young Jewish boys were killed on May 9 in the town of Tekoa, Israel, located about 12 miles south of Jerusalem. The boys were playing in a cave. Later they were found with their hands tied, stabbed and bludgeoned to death with stones. The killers had smeared their blood all over the cave.

The boys were ages 13 and 14. The 13-year-old and his family had migrated to Israel from America. His relatives live in the U.S. So we are intertwined with Israel in several ways.

The rage in Israel continues to escalate. Both sides have committed violence.  ...

The two boys were savagely murdered in Tekoa. (Gerald Flurry, Murders in Tekoa, June 2001.)
PCG views this as black on white violence. What Flurry condemns here is not that two unique young individuals who were and are loved have been killed, but that "white" Israeli Jews have been killed by "non-white" Palestinians. This act of violence is viewed racially. That helps to explain Flurry's reaction to this act of murder. When people PCG views as "not white" endure things like this it does not tend to be viewed in this manner, as was seen in a previous post.

Joel Hilliker's 2011 Article

A similar example may be seen the following quote from a 2011 article by Joel Hilliker describing the mass murder of five Israeli Jews. PCG views this as black on white violence and this accounts for the way this act of mass murder is described by PCG.
This past Sunday [in 2011], a Jerusalem cemetery was filled with thousands of Jewish mourners. ... It was the funeral of five members of the Fogel family who were brutally knifed to death last Friday night in their West Bank home.
Three members of the family remain: 12-year-old Tamar and her two little brothers, ages 6 and 2. In his address, Lau spoke to Tamar directly: “In one cruel hour, you have become a little mother. You are now the mother of little Roi and Yishai, and you are only 12 years old.”
This tragedy has received scant attention amid coverage of the devastating earthquake in Japan and other earthshaking news. But it uniquely highlights the savagery of the Middle East conflict and the insurmountable odds stacked against the Jewish state. (Joel Hilliker, 'This Circle of Horror and River of Tears', March 16, 2011.)
(It should be noted here that PCG has a long history of demonizing Japan. They do so to this day.)

What is condemned above is not that five beautiful and unique people were killed, it is that five "white" Israeli Jews were killed by "non-white" Palestinians. When people PCG views as "not white" endure things like this it does not tend to be viewed in this manner, as was seen in a previous post.

PCG Supporting State of Israel for Wrong Reasons

PCG has been very supportive towards the State of Israel, at least with their words. They probably think this proves they are not racist. But what they did was to merely alter white supremacy by projecting their whiteness onto Israeli Jews, an identity that Israeli Jews never asked for. Thus it may be seen that PCG supports the State of Israel for racist reasons.

PCG supports the State of Israel for the same reason they banned interracial marriage and sympathized with apartheid South Africa: to advance white supremacy. They do not support the State of Israel for good reasons.

(Please note that I would not use this explanation to explain the behavior of others who support the State of Israel, such as Christians United For Israel. They do not believe the nonsense of British Israelism. But because of PCG's inaccurate belief in British Israelism PCG has viewed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in such a racial manner. This facet of PCG's behavior in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs to be noted.)

PCG's Racial Extremism Exposed

So it may seen that, like Dylann Roof, PCG has a fixation on black on white violence. Instead of noting how crime and violence affects everyone regardless of race PCG's leaders have chosen to peddle this tall tale that African Americans are somehow prone to lashing out with violence against whites.

They even falsely accuse African Americans of being fated to launch a mass wave of riots against the white majority in the near future. No such mass riot is coming. It will never happen.

No good can come from saying such racist and inflammatory things. This idea causes whites to became hostile towards African Americans for no reason. Ideas like this causes whites to view matters in a racial manner and to view African Americans as a threat instead of follow human beings and follow Americans.

This paranoia about black on white violence is so deeply engrained within PCG's leadership that it even colors how they view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is terrible that PCG should promote such bizarre views about African Americans and to falsely accuse them of launching a wave of violence against whites when in fact violence and crime affects everyone regardless of race.


  1. Racists never seem to think things through to a logical conclusion. Dylann Roof actually went after the good guys, people in a Christian church, being taught about the Son of God by their pastor. Had he wanted to be effective, logic seemingly would have guided him to take to the streets, Charles Bronson style, to interrupt and prevent actual ongoing crime. Also, the members of all of the ACOGs, including PCG, are taught to be pacifist. So here you have a bunch of committed pacifists who are receiving a racist message emphasizing violence, rather than being reassured about God's protection. That's about like it would have been if Jesus had deliberately told Peter to watch out for the wind as he attempted to walk on the water!

    I had wondered where the racists who post on several of the other accountability blogs had come from! The racism was much more subdued and subtle in old school WCG than what some of these guys express today. But, now I know! Their background must have been with PCG. And, after they leave, this awful stuff stays with them, and they most likely don't even realize that their thinking has been permanently warped by Flurry and his lackeys.

    If there really were a wave of black on white crime, we would know about it from incidents affecting friends, co-workers, and family. Politically correct people would not be able to suppress a trend which was that big. On the other hand, black on black crime is most certainly reality.


  2. Racists are strange. I am not sure if I want to understand them. Perhaps the murderer subconsciously viewed African Americans as an undifferentiated mass and thought if he killed just any African American individual this would be a blow against them as a whole. I do not know. I am unsure if I want to know.

    And you are right that PCG are pacifists for themselves. They refuse to serve in the military. And to think they then preach nonsense like this.

    Remembering my time when I believed what LCG said about themselves, I can never recall them ever saying anything about this alleged wave of black on white violence.

    And in regards to anecdotal evidence I would mention that there are problems with anecdotal evidence that could be presented on this matter.

    There are so many people in the United States that even if one was aware of (let's say for example) ten incidents of black on white violence throughout all the vast mass of the United States within a certain amount of time (let's say a year or two) that would not necessarily prove anything.

    One would then need to ask how do those incidents compare statistically with every other incident of violence that was not white on black violence? These things are hard to determine.

    And one would have to ask was it really about race? I think this incident happened after trouble occurred in Ferguson. There was one African American man who shot to death two police officers. But it turned out that just before he went on his murderous rampage that he had assaulted his girlfriend. So was that murder about race or was it a case of a domestic abuser taking out his rage upon two police officers?

    Would PCG's writers bother to think through things like this? I have seen no evidence that they have done so.

    PCG should stop vilifying African Americans in this way. It is wrong. It is immoral.

    Why is PCG even trying to find people inclined to believe this scary story (that happens to be so hard to prove) to even join PCG?

  3. We certainly know one thing. Bogus reports concerning bands of blacks attacking whites tend to foment racism. Other Christian churches actively try to ratchet down such rhetoric and promote understanding, and here comes Flurry and his ilk attempting to depict the situation as being even worse than the rhetoric! If that isn't promoting racism, I don't know what is!

    You won't find many Rhodes Scholars or MENSA members who are racist. It is usually the people who believe that modern society is terribly unfair, mandating inclusionary and equal opportunity policies which they believe cuts them out of the things to which they feel entitled. Rather than engaging in self-improvement, and emerging victorious, they sit around on their pity pad, blaming minorities for their plight. When these people have no minorities to blame for their problems they have also been known to turn on their own. It's a basic self-defeating mentality which manifests itself in many ways.


  4. I'm most concerned that the PCG is doing its utmost to incite violence.