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PCG Accuses Obama of Leading America to Its Death

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In the latest issue of PCG's recruitment magazine Gerald Flurry has written an article, Police Under Attack, in which he once again promotes his false prophecy of "race war". He asserts that African Americans will soon launch a wave of riots against the white majority. He insinuates this wave of riots will somehow occur everywhere in America. (This article was published shortly before the racist terrorist attack in Charleston.)

Although Flurry alludes to recent events in this article in fact he is simply repeating the same idea he has consistently taught since 1992 in his booklet, The Ezekiel Watchman. A chapter of a similar type written in 2002 can be read on their website if you want to see this nonsense for yourself. He is simply recycling this same idea yet again today.

This is not a new idea for Gerald Flurry. He has constantly taught it. And with the current concern and protests about police brutality towards African Americans he has brought out this vicious idea of his yet again.

Let us look at this latest article.

In this article Gerald Flurry demonizes President Obama as "leading this nation to its death".
So now, a man is leading this nation to its death ... (p. 32.)
When one reads the context it is clear that Gerald Flurry is talking about President Obama here. Gerald Flurry has accused President Obama of leading America "to its death".

Instead of helping people during the current tense situation regarding widespread concern about police brutality Gerald Flurry has chosen to spread his bizarre and fanciful accusation that African Americans will soon launch a wave of riots against the white majority.

This future wave of riots is called a "race war" or "race riot" by PCG's writers. But even this name is misleading. Whenever Gerald Flurry and his collaborators talk about this false prophecy it is always portrayed as African Americans attacking innocent whites. The white majority is always portrayed as innocent and passive whenever this bizarre accusation is made by PCG. There is little concern that racist whites are going to attack racial minorities. When talking of this doctrine PCG talks of African Americans being violent against whites.

Let's look at more of what Flurry has to say.
What are we dealing with here? More and more people, especially in the black community, are speaking of the need for revolution—even race war. These comments from Mrs. Obama feed into that movement. This was not a speech of love. (p. 5.)
Gerald Flurry is projecting his bizarre idea that African Americans are soon fated to launch a wave of riots everywhere within America onto African Americans.

It is Gerald Flurry who has been fear mongering since 1992 that African Americans will soon launch a wave of riots against the white majority.

He is the one who has been accusing African Americans of soon attacking the white majority for twenty-three years now.
Many African-Americans don’t buy into this drivel. You have to give them credit for that because they are taking a lot of heat for that position. (p. 5.)
Seeing this one might be tempted to imagine that Gerald Flurry is sensible in regards to race relations. That would be wrong. To accuse African Americans that they will soon attack the white majority by launching riots in the cities (apparently everywhere in America all at once) is complete nonsense. Riots do not just happen. There are reasons why they occur. They also tend to quickly dissipate because they are usually spontaneously occur. This shows that Gerald Flurry does not understand how riots occur or what they are actually like.
The man they arrested, Freddie Gray, had used drugs for years, committed numerous crimes, and was caught running from the police, apparently with an illegal knife. (p. 5.)
What a callous way to describe how an American man died. This statement is made to make it seem as though America lost little with his death. Nothing could be further from the truth. His death never should have happened. His tragic death is a terrible loss for everyone concerned, especially for his family and friends. How dare Flurry be so dismissive about the tragic death of an American and then still calls himself an American.

So Flurry says this American man who passed away before his time "used drugs for years". What about Gerald Flurry? He got arrested for being in control of a car while he was drunk with alcohol, which also alters one's mental state like illegal drugs, on September 18, 1993.

So Flurry says this American man "was caught running from the police". What about Gerald Flurry? According to the police report made upon his arrest on September 18, 1993, Gerald Flurry tried to bribe a police officer when he was arrested in order to evade accountability.
The officer asked the subject [Gerald Flurry] to provide a drivers license. The male subject stated that he did not have one. The officer asked again. The male subject then pulled his wallet from his back pocket. He pulled out a twenty dollar bill and extended his hand to the officer offering it to him. The officer repeatedly told the male subject to put the money back into his wallet and to find his drivers license. The male subject then pulled a five dollar bill from his wallet and extended his hand with the twenty dollars in it to the officer. The officer asked him to put his money away. (Source.)
I'm not saying that, the police report did.

Gerald Flurry accuses Freddie Gray of evading police by running away. But according to the police report Gerald Flurry tried to evade scrutiny by a police officer by trying to bribe him.
Last December, after Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, President Obama said he wanted to make sure police were using their surplus military and military-type equipment properly. He also proposed over $300 million in federal funding for local police forces to buy equipment like body cameras. (p. 32.)
Micheal Brown did not just die. He was shot to death by a police officer. 

Shouldn't a leader of any group want to be sure that things are being used in the proper way? But this attempt to make sure police departments are using equipment properly is here demonized as an attempt to impose "a diabolical tyranny".
The president has people moving into cities and taking over police departments in order to straighten them out! The federal government is getting more and more control. It has a stranglehold on the police even now. The Obama administration seems to view each new prominent race-related police story that explodes into the news as an opportunity to seek more control.

They are tearing down the police, the nation’s last line of defense. They have already torn it down to a great extent. Do you know what comes after that? As I wrote last month, our cities will be burned with fire (Isaiah 1:7). That nightmare is already starting, and could break out and spread throughout the nation overnight!  (p. 32.)
As I wrote in a previous post Gerald Flurry seems to have this bizarre idea that this future wave of riots by African Americans against the white majority will seem to occur everywhere in America at once. The last sentence in the quote above only shows that is indeed what Gerald Flurry says to his followers.

Also note how he insinuates that this fanciful race war is already starting right now. What nonsense.

Quite likely the reason this future "race war" is portrayed as happening everywhere at once ("could break out and spread throughout the nation") is to scare you with this implanted phobia. It can't scare you if you think it will happen somewhere else.

After this Flurry then accuses President Obama of being used by Satan to subvert America in the same way Tkach changed WCG away from Armstrongism.
As I wrote in my booklet America Under Attack (request a free copy), Satan the devil is working to tear down the United States. That is his goal. He and the demons have been cast down to Earth, they know they have only a short time left, and they are full of wrath (Revelation 12:12).

As that booklet explains, a technique that the devil has used time and again throughout history is to empower a leader [This refers to Antiochus, Tkach and Obama.] who is able to do his damage from within. Believe it or not, this is exactly what is happening to the U.S. today.

So now, a man [President Obama] is leading this nation to its death ... (p. 32.)
What nonsense! What vile filth the followers of PCG are given to understand world events.

Gerald Flurry has been propagating his false prophecy of "race war" since 1992. He is not prophesying about local riots like what unfortunately happened in Ferguson and Baltimore. He predicts something like this will occur simultaneously everywhere in the United States.

Gerald Flurry's followers will have to wait a very long time for this fanciful wave of "race riots" against the white majority (that is to somehow occur simultaneously all over the United States) to occur.  Because it will never happen. Twenty-three years after he first taught this racist dogma in 1992 this still has not happened. And it never will.

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