Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PCG Condemns Agreement with Iran

So the Obama Administration has done it and signed an agreement with Iran about its nuclear program.

And PCG, predictably, condemns the agreement and portrays it as something terrible.

Their first response to this agreement may be heard in a Trumpet Daily episode hosted by Stephen Flurry.

At one point Stephen Flurry even insinuates that Germany will turn against America because of this agreement. He says this even though Germany is one of the countries negotiating with Iran.
Well, what happens when Germany wakes up and realizes that this is a historic mistake of epic proportions. That's coming. (9 minutes.)
Germany is one of the negotiating parties of the agreement.

Stephen Flurry also says this agreement is a seed of war (11 minutes).

As though continuing to impose sanctions even when Iran is willing to negotiate an agreement could possibly lead to peace.

In 2003 Iran's Supreme Leader issued a fatwa condemning the possession of nuclear weapons as un-Islamic thus banning Iran from making nuclear weapons. This detail has rarely been mentioned by PCG.

In 1994 Gerald Flurry proclaimed Iran to be the King of the South. Since then PCG have constantly demonized Iran, particularly since 9/11, and have constantly tried to stir up hostility towards Iran in order to attract more followers. If peace should be made between America and Iran this would discredit Gerald Flurry's dire announcements that Iran is somehow plotting to commit some kind of catastrophe. So PCG's leaders do not want peace with Iran.

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