Thursday, July 9, 2015

President Morsi No Fan of Hamas

The COGs have a very simplistic view regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Did any of them bother to note that Mohammad Morsi, President of Egypt and member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, was hostile towards Hamas, a Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, next door?
But memories are short. In reality, Morsi was not as sympathetic to Gazans as is widely believed today. He continued his predecessor Hosni Mubarak’s blockade policy, and even destroyed smuggling tunnels and worked to stop the flow of fuel into the Strip. In fact, Morsi was regularly praised in the Israeli press and by politicians, while being attacked by Hamas officials as crueller than Mubarak. (Khaled Diab, Egypt must lift Gaza blockade, Haaretz, June 22, 2015.)

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