Thursday, July 30, 2015

PCG's Robert Morley Refers to Michael Brown as a "Thug" While Describing What Others are Saying

While complaining about President Obama commuting sentences Robert Morley then talks about how critics of President Obama have been criticizing him for not making contact with the family of a woman who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco. This violent death is here used to condemn the practice of sanctuary cities to fear monger that too many immigrants are getting into the United States. (Ironically Morley immigrated from Saskatchewan.)

PCG leans quite far to the right so they tend to read and view information mainly from right wing sources opposed to the Obama Administration. I do not condemn PCG for being right wing but it is important that we recognize that they are right wing because this explains so much of their political stances.

While describing what these critics of President Obama are saying that he should have approached the family of the victim, Robert Morley refers to Michael Brown, he who was shot to death in Ferguson, as a "thug" and he is accused of running towards the police officer who shot him. These words are presented as Morley describing what other people are saying.
They [critics of President Obama] say, Well, you remember the case with Michael Brown, this thug from Ferguson who attacked a police officer, charged at him and was killed. The President was very quick to reach out to his family. (July 17, 2015 broadcast, 47 minutes.)
My word. Michael Brown died already. He was going to college. He had his whole life ahead of him. That's all gone now.

And Robert Morley, while describing what critics of President Obama were saying, chose to refer to him as a "thug".

It was also asserted that he charged at the police officer. How does Morley, who lives in Edmond, know that?

It would have been wonderful if this matter was settled in a trial instead of having a grand jury that only listens to the prosecution decide not to prosecute this tragic incident. A grand jury is no trial.

Morley also called the African Americans at the pool party in McKinney as "thugs" as well.
There's a pool party for a graduation. The community has a community center with a pool. There's about a hundred kids in attendance. And then one of the ... somebody there posted on social media that there's a pool party. And outsiders start arriving at this pool. They're not allowed in because they're from outside the community. It's against the community rules to have more than two guests from outside of the community. That will not ... That's not going to stop these thugs who came into the community. They start climbing over the fence. They start picking fights. Fights break out in there. They assault two security guards. A mother and her daughter are attacked. Chaos starts breaking up. Property's being damaged. (Robert Morley, Trumpet Daily, June 15, 2015, 38 minutes.)
What a way to foster peace and understanding between races: label African Americans who get in trouble with police in highly contested incidents in which it seems likely that they were wronged by police and call them "thugs".

They weren't even convicted of anything. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

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