Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Should Netanyahu Resign Over Iranian Nuclear Agreement?

So the Obama Administration has done it and signed an agreement with Iran about its nuclear program.

Shortly before the signing of this agreement one Israeli MK argued that if this agreement is signed then Netanyahu should resign as Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must resign from his post if the world’s six leading countries reach a bad agreement with Iran in Vienna because it would be a personal failure for him, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid told his faction in the Knesset Monday. ...

Lapid said he told American and European leaders in recent weeks that on Iran there is no opposition and coalition in Israel. But he said Netanyahu campaigned for three election cycles on the promise that he, and only he, can stop the deal with Iran.

As such, Lapid believes that if the prime minister fails to prevent the deal he cannot escape responsibility.

“If this bad deal is signed, it is a failure that has Netanyahu’s name all over it,” Lapid said. “His approach led us to a situation in which the American administration isn’t willing to listen to our positions. His approach led not only the United States, but also the other five powers involved in the negotiations – China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany – not to take into account Israel’s concerns over the deal, concerns that are right and justified.” (Gil Hoffman, Lapid: Netanyahu should quit if bad Iran nuclear deal signed, Jerusalem Post, July 6, 2015.)
Would PCG ever bother to mention something like this?

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